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THE DESTOYER – Adam Steiger


March 2, 2020 10:38 AM
Adam Steiger

Hello again, 444 News.

I awoke, very early this morning, from a very vivid dream in which I saw this massive red planet in the sky. I believe this may be another warning dream from God, concerning the imminent arrival of “the destroyer”.

I spent some time this morning, also, sketching an image of it.

God’s people need to get ready, in Him, to endure these upcoming events!

Thursday, April 2, 2020 (3:46 am)

It was nighttime, and I was driving in my car down this long highway.

Glancing down on my dashboard, the time was around 10 p.m.

Then immediately, as I drive over the hill and see the valley ahead of me — the entire center sky is bright, glowing red, as if it’s well into morning time.

There’s this huge, red planet which fills, at least, the southern half of the sky; as if the clouds and the night, itself, were forced to yield and make way for this thing.

And near the middle of it, I can see a smaller yellow planet, like our sun.

And during all this, I perceive that my (late) mother is in the backseat asleep, and I’m continually calling out her name to wake her up:





I believe my mother, in this context, represents the sleeping Church.


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  1. Barbara

    Is the small yellow circle our sun?

  2. About 6 months ago, I had a vivid dream of a red plant. It was huge and really close to the earth. I could see continent type shapes on it and it seemed as though it would barely pass us without touching. As it went below the horizon, the temperature dropped and it was much colder. There was a “snow” falling and I seemed to know it was like nuclear snow caused by the red planet brushing against us. Two children that live with us came up this long slope. When they had left for school that morning, it was warm. But now, coming up this slope they were wearing snow pants and warm clothes. We hurried them into this log cabin where we lived. This is where the dream ended. It stayed in my mind for days.

  3. Shauna Mayer

    Several years ago the LORD spoke a scripture to me while in a dead sleep and as soon as I heard His voice and heard what He said, He woke me up. I jumped out of bed, it was about 3:30am. The scripture was JEREMIAH 6:26, “Oh, daughter of My people, Dress in Sackcloth and roll about in ashes! Make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation for the plunderer shall suddenly come upon you.” NKJV
    Some translations translate word plunderer as destroyer. He never gave me an explanation. I am quite sure it is the destroyer, Nibiru. He is warning His own.

  4. Gail Alameda

    Check out the channel The Final Days in YouTube. She shows extensive footage of planets in our solar system, one of which is red. She is saying there will be a catastrophic celestial event in the middle of May. We need to pray as there will be massive loss of life.

  5. Arizona

    WONDER WHAT THE NATION WIDE LOCKDOWN IS ALL you know the destroyer is coming and they know it,THEY want a WAR going when it comes,(POPULATION REDUCTION) is what its all about, they know ,NO ONE will be ready ,but OUR LORD AND OUR FATHER have been warning for years TO GET STOCKED UP AND HAVE YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER,the LORD is coming…

  6. Beat me to it Gail. Yes a sister in Christ on the Final Days channel on Youtube has shown the red planet from remote web cams in Alaska and Canada which the powers to be try and cover up with their chemtrails and other advanced technology, no doubt from fallen angels. Sooner or later despite their best efforts I expect this red planet will become visible to the naked eye. The Lord has indicated there would be signs in the sky/heavens.

    The May time frame was brought up by a gentlemen that goes by the name of Mike from around the world who appears on the Paul Begley channel on Youtube. He seems to indicate the earth will be getting near some type of space anomaly in May which could cause many natural disasters.

  7. Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry Show Invitation

    Dearest brother Adam,

    This is Nancy with Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry. I help John (the host) to schedule guests. We were hoping you would join us live on the air to share this amazing dream about “The Destroyer” and any other revelations the Lord has shown you about end times..

    Our show runs live on Sunday and Wednesday nights with guest call in 9:00-10:00 pm (Eastern Time). We have a global audience as an Internet streaming program. Listener-ship numbers vary from a few thousand to occasional tens of thousands.

    Following the interview, you will be able to access it to share on your website. It will also be converted to YouTube as well.

    We would be honored to have you as a guest.

    Please contact me, or John (contact information below); We would LOVE to hear from you!

    In God’s Unfailing Love, Nancy & John
    “Nothing in all creation is able to separate us from
    the love of God that is in Christ Jesus” Romans 8

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