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The Decline Towards Hell – By The Pen

The Decline Towards Hell

(Dream & Message)

Feb 26, 2020
By The Pen

Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) released a new document, a papal bull, moto proprio or apostolic dissertation. It was some kind major statement for the Catholic Church, that will change history. I was in a European town when it was released to the public, and standing near him, in an outdoor presentation event, that was charged with celebratory fanfare.

He insisted all Catholic clergy conform to this document and promote it immediately. Not so subtly pressure was on all, to submit to this ruling or face persecution. I saw a nun moving through the town disseminating the new ruling. She was in haste, as she moved from street to street. Most of the world-wide Catholics accepted this readily. Though I was only an observer, I was not taken in by the lies at all.

For the document is a tissue of satanic design to destroy Christianity to the foundation, if possible. Much of the dream I can not remember, but Francis and this document are evil incarnate, and they both prepare, the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

Jorge Bergoglio has referred to himself in the media, as “John the Baptist”; like John he will recede early, and be removed from this life, soon. For he is not the one who will sit on the Chair of Peter, when the Anti-Christ is revealed, to the world. Like John the Baptist he will be murdered, in a violent fashion.

Revelation Chapter 13, Verses 11-18
“And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon...”

The Hammer & Sickle, will race across the Steppes of Russia, in two days and turn south into Italy. There to raise it’s red flag, over the Vatican. The streets of Rome, will run and flow with the blood of the dead.

The one to follow Jorge Bergoglio, will finish the job he started, a one-world religion, government and financial system. He, the next pope, will be one of two elected, the false shepherd will control the Catholic Church, and a true shepherd will go into hiding, immediately. The false shepherd will work with the Anti-Christ, to lead the revolt against God Almighty. They both will proclaim the Masonic doctrine that all religions are equal, and that the kingdom of God, is a materialistic earthly kingdom. They will reign for a time, times and half a time, only. My own will be hidden, under My Wings.

Note: Read Psalm 91 Every Day.

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