The Days of Noah – Solitary Man

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The Days of Noah

August 21, 2023 2:18 PM
Solitary Man


My son, heed well the lesson of Jeremiah chapter 45. Baruch was a faithful man. He was the right hand of the prophet of God. He remained faithful when most fell away. He was slandered and used as a scapegoat (Jer 43:3). He was able to remain true in the most difficult of times. If anyone in Judah believed that he deserved special grace, it would be someone like him.

Yet I sent my word to him to correct a dangerous attitude in his heart. When any one of my servants believes that they have earned some sort of blessing or special treatment, they are in danger of falling into grave error. I came to earth and spoke of this very thing. When you have done what you were commanded to do, you acknowledge that you are unworthy servants, and that you’ve only done what you were supposed to do (Lk 17:10). It is in this continual attitude of humility that you shut the door on all possibility of pride and deception.

These are the days of great deceit. The enemy has been unleashed to take his vengeance on all of my creation. He is especially wrathful towards my children. Do not give him any place in your heart. Adjust your expectations. For too long my people have been taught by foolish shepherds, promising them things that I never spoke of, nor had it ever come into my mind.

For many, I will permit you to live. Be content with what I give you. Look not with longing or envy at others who have not yet been touched by the evil. That is none of your concern, your task is to follow me.

Terrible signs and wonders have been appointed for this world. Indeed, they have already begun. Have I not promised these things?

Do you truly grasp what it means when I said: ‘As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man’ (Mt 24:37)? What is the condition of the crop in the days of total judgment? Is it ready to harvest, or has it been judged worthless, unsalvageable, and ready for the dung heap? I did not send the flood to save the world, but to destroy it. I did not send the fire on Sodom to save it, but to destroy it. I had pleaded and pleaded with them, but they would not listen. Gen 6:5 states that the thoughts of men’s hearts was only evil continually. There was no room left for me. There was nothing left to do but to destroy that crop, and plant another. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. While there is always room left in the ark for a few more, the days of mass revival has come and gone (Jer 8:20). I have given man 2000 years to repent and believe the gospel, did you think my wrath would sleep forever?

Escape to the ark while there is yet a little light left in the day. Night is almost here, when no man can work (Jn 9:4).

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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