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the days of Noah

July 29, 2020 6:28 AM
Adam Steiger

Good morning, 444 News!

The Lord gave me this very interesting dream, just earlier this morning, where a demon inadvertently revealed some info pertaining to the days of Noah.

Hope this will prove useful!

July 29, 2020

The context of this dream involved me working out inside this small gym, along with a certain famous person who’s into bodybuilding.

While on my machine, I compliment him on finishing a heavy leg set, as he comes over by me and begins speaking to me.

As he’s standing in front of me, though, his form starts morphing in and out, which was like a “cue” which the Holy Spirit used to break me out of the delusion.

(For instance, its teeth would, at times, appear as a nasty decayed yellow color)

I come to my senses in the dream to the point where I wanted to ask him a certain question.

He finishes up his prideful conversation with me, as I chime in:

ME: In Jesus’ name, how were the days of Noah?

DEMON: They were THE BEST!…

(He delightfully gushes a little more about it, although I don’t remember exactly what was said; it was basically him expressing how they loved that time)

DEMON: … …?

(He then pauses and appears to slowly realize that he was fooled by the Holy Spirit into giving this information up)

(His masquerading form also slips, revealing, in the forehead region, a kind of parasitic, beady eyed brown face)

(He’s VERY angry, and steadfastly glares straight into my eyes, as the dream ends)



So…not only did demons love the time period of the days of Noah, but they also existed back then, as well.

(Since the response he gave me was truthful; being compelled by the name of Jesus)


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