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The Days Of Lying Signs And Wonders – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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The Days Of Lying Signs And Wonders

July 26, 2023 1:05 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

Received July 26, 2023 12:55pm

“Write. Write. Write down these exact words. Word for word. Part for part. Here, here is the time. The time of Unveiling. Look now and see, see what the Enemy has had in his storehouses, his store structures, for millennia. All will be unveiled now with complete diligence. A UFO, a lying wonder to captivate the whole earth. His demonic unsanctioned creatures to turn the minds of the undiscerning away from JEHOVAH, their GOD, the One True GOD and captivate their imagination with sick and twisted technology and mechanisms. Thunderous mechanics. Now come the season and the days of lying signs and wonders.

The End.

I wondered what the “Thunderous mechanics” could possibly mean. When I typed it into the search engine, this came up:

Thundurus: A dual type Electric/ Flying legendary Pokémon (demon). He has a 2nd forme which is activated by the “Reveal Glass”.

I don’t know anything about Pokémon except they are evil and to stay away from them, so I found this really interesting. Electric flying legendary UFOs, this demonic ‘alien’ technology is about to be revealed/ unveiled. Looking up the dictionary definition of thunderous lead to the definition of “Extremely loud”, pointedly giving “thunderous applause” and “thunderous reception” as examples. Is the LORD saying this UFO and alien unveiling will largely be met with thunderous applause and reception from the world?


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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