“The Day of the LORD is at Hand” – Secrets of the Kingdom

Secrets of the Kingdom

The Holy Spirit gave me this message today and I want to share it.

Thus says the Lord,

Make ready yourselves for the day of the Lord is at hand, the heavens rejoice for the time of the Lord is at hand. The harvest is ripe and the wine press is almost full. Call out on the hilltops and in the valleys. Repent! Repent! For his wine press is near full. My children do you not perceive the harvest? Have you slept as it has ripened? Awake! Awake! Grab your sickle and reap, night is coming and there is little time left. My children how is it you do not see and have drunk the wine and became drunk? But I love you my children and I the Lord will shake you from your drunkenness, you who will hear and see will sober and you will weep. But I will comfort you and strengthen you says the Lord. The great day of darkness is upon you. For I ask you my children can light and darkness dwell together? No! Says the Lord, he who has an ear let him hear. I shall cover you in that day says the Lord that your light shall not be seen for I have said darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people. Men will be filled with darkness and will despise the light. But when I remove the bushel and set you upon the hills all men will see your light as the sun. They will hate the light and seek to destroy it. But remember my children for I have said a smoldering wic I will not snuff out though you be bruised I will not break you. The time of harvest is finished and the wine press overflows says the Lord and I alone shall tread it with great wrath shall it be tread. I will pour it out as a drink offering before the Lord. I have told you these things that you will stand in that day, again I say Awake! My child take your sickle and reap for I am coming soon says the Lord.

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