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October 21, 2020
Barbara Francis


Daughter speak to the people of Babylon THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. . You have been warned sudden destruction is upon you for your un repentance and BRAZEN slaughter of the innocents. Years of murder in the womb and blatant mocking of my Messengers I SENT TO YOU telling you to turn from this Evil abomination in my sight. You have ignored their pleas and have tried to SILENCE them from speaking MY words of TRUTH. ACTION WILL FOLLOW THIS NOTICE. THE DAY BURNING LIKE AN OVEN IS AT HAND. Your rich men will hide in their prepared caves. Your enemies will bombard you with missiles made especially to find YOUR HIDING PLACES. . You will not escape from my wrath. Pride comes before the fall. .A melting missile will burn your major city . Your machines will be silenced. I have called you over and over to REPENT. Now your enemies will gloat and laugh at your burning. They will invade and take the your riches and women . Your young men will be killed or taken as slaves. Your enemies have surrounded you from within. I will spare a REMNANT only. . Those who have heeded my words and warning and have prepared themselves and their families for my coming WRATH. No more will I see the worship of strange GODS and IDOLS before me. Babylon you have sealed your destruction . The smoke of her burning shall rise to the heavens.

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