The Darkest Of Hearts- I AM Able to Penetrate; PRAY! – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

September 18, 2018

The Darkest Of Hearts- I AM Able to Penetrate; PRAY!

Today, there is a fight battling in the heavenly realm for the souls of men, unlike any other. Each day, I call out; ‘Choose this Day whom you will serve!’ Be certain, I am sending forth My voice into every crack and crevice upon this earth. For I desire that none should perish, no, not one! I see all, made but of dust, who know not what it is they do! My call goes out like a heat seeking missile, and will find every heart who even has a hint of interest in God. They may not even have been told of the Messiah – they need only to have thoughts toward the God of Creation. You see, I know all hearts, all thoughts all motives behind the man. I am compassionate and long suffering and My love is uncomprehend-able to the human mind. I see what each human being is face with – the spiritual force in which they are under. Yet, I can penetrate even the greatest of lie, and the darkest of pit – if this one has a thought towards Me. This is why I say to my Saints – pray – always, in all things and for all people! Pray for hearts to be stirred and prepared and to cry out for a God they do not yet know. So the soil in their hearts will be tilled and able to accept the seed I bring and sow into them. The enemy has deceived My people so they do not realize the power of their prayers, in that many if not most do not make prayer a priority in their own days! Oh my People, come before Me and seek My face – every day! Ask Me to show you where you must confess before Me sin, and receive the cleansing power of My Son’s blood to wash you! Come before Me and ask for the world! Ask, and continue to ask for peoples souls! For this is a work that is not being done! Too many think they must go out – and do this and do that, but I say, the greatest work is the commitment to pray – always, in interceding for all those who do not yet know. Do not believe the lie that I have already counted who I will have with Me for eternity! I have said; Ask and keep on asking, and do not give up! Seek to pray with the Holy Spirit – for this is power in the Kingdom of God. This is how you will endure, and keep in the shadow of My wings. I have said that the greatest commandment is to love Me with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength – and to love your neighbour as yourself. See, is not a continual prayer to Me your love being manifest – for Me, your heavenly Father and also that of your neighbour? I exhort you today to pray like you have never prayed before….for there are lives depending upon it! And you will see your reward in that great Day and I will say; well done My faithful servant – and enter into My Joy!

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