The Curse of Jotham! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Curse of Jotham!

Benjamin Faircloth

“America you are curse with a curse! This whole nation lies under the power of the evil one. Vexed and confused, you strive to fill bags with holes within them! Vanity and foolishness is on parade, as you march to the cadence of a pied piper, fooled into thinking your headed to streets of gold and a life of luxury! Wake up and look around you, your house of cards is on fire, your fields are failing and blood is crying out from your streets! Revenge is the sound that is heard in secret chambers of kings that ready their swords! You think I AM like you America. That I chose sides because of birthrights and positions. But I tell you this day, I AM a God of justice and truth, and I will perform My Word over yours. For I AM the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, and My Word will not and cannot fail; for it has been written that vengeance belongeth unto Me and I will repay says your God! Do you think I have forgotten the blood you have shed of the innocent ones who call Me Father? Your cup is full, the time has come that the shakings of your nation will increase without reprieve!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Judges 9)

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