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Victoria Ang


I was sound asleep and suddenly jolted from my sleep to see a vision flashing before my eyes. I see 111…….111 …….111 then I hear very loudly …” THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN”.……… Then I see the vision again of …111 …but this time I see on the right upper corner ,on the top of the number one ,a fuse .With a big stick of dynamite attached to it…….. I see it has been lit and sparks are coming from the one end. And again hear ….. SOUND THE ALARM……….. SOUND THE ALARM!!!! …… I went into immediate prayer and felt led to look at the time. It was 1:40 AM ( 140 in Hebrew means MY LORD HAS ARISEN)……….

God bless! NO FEAR!!! Keep your eyes focused on God! May all that listen be protected from harm!

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  1. Onde se vê o que os números significam em hebraico?

  2. Julia

    Phew! I was searching for something else but the 111 got my attention as I Was seeing 111 for a while. A series of divine events led me to know it is an

    *emergency warning to the body that judgment, a storm, is coming to the house of God!*

    111 is the emergency services no. In my country!

    Keep sounding the alarm remnant bride.

    God bless you

  3. Victoria

    Strongs concordance or go online

  4. KarenO

    111 days from now is: Sunday, September 6, 2020
    It is the day that Hitler invaded Poland & set off World War 2.

  5. agata

    No, it’s not true.Hitler invaded Poland on September 1.I’m Polish.

  6. KarenO

    Sorry, Agata, I was looking for what September 6, 2020 related to, & yes, according to this site, the date corresponds to 17 Elul 2020
    You are correct according to OUR calendar. I was looking at this –

    Outbreak of World War II (1939)

    On September 1, 1939, corresponding to the Hebrew date of 17 Elul, the Nazi Wehrmacht invaded Poland, launching World War II. The war would prove to be the deadliest conflict in history, resulting in the death of some 60 million people, including the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust as part of the Final Solution.

    Thank you for clarifying. I found it interesting –

  7. Victoria

    3 days

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