The Count Down Is On – Only a Grain of Sand

A Message From God The Father:

The Count Down Is On

Sep 3, 2019, 8:25 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

September 2, 2019

The many people who have been reading these messages on this site, and others like it, and have accepted them as veracity, in humility, in trust, have seen behind the painted scenery, on the world stage play, that the audience calls ‘reality’. But
really these flickering images/videos/pixels/texts are all lies, deceit, and a carefully constructed mirage.

The audience of this play, are actually most of them fast asleep, to the real truth. Many will never awake, except in the next world; too late. Many would prefer to remain asleep as the jolt, will startle them into an instant panic of fear, and traumatic shock.

The Kick-Off Event is the stage curtain snapped back, to start the Great Tribulation drama, for all to see. The sleep-walking will awake, the pretense of life, as you know it , will disappear in the twinkling of an eye. Forever. A collective gasp , will be heard around the world. Shock, disbelief, incredulous reactions will ensue. Some will cry, some will cheer. Many will be numb for days.

But know this, the theater (world), is darkened now, the play has begun. You will not be able to leave your seats, as the action on the world stage will proceed at lightening speed. The naysayers, will choke on their “I do not believe!” They will have to live through it, or die in it, still doubting; This Is The End, of the world as you knew it, yesterday.

The Count Down Is On! Take note of the subtle to violent changes in the weather, the heavens, people themselves, the economy, politics, and media. Drivers are increasingly becoming erratic, violent, or distracted by their cell phones. You will see change everywhere. Much of it will be disconcerting, or, for the worse. Turn Your Eyes To God. I AM your protector, sustainer, provider, Father.

The present reality is passing quickly. I AM will protect My own from harms way though some may pass, and or, suffer greatly. I AM with you always! As you are a part of Me. You came from Me, and I AM part of you. Rest assured in this now, and what is to follow, and all will be well, for you and your loved ones, whatever comes your way. I AM Love and await you all with My open Arms. Be at Peace!


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