The Cost – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

October 24, 2018

The Cost

“Do you know Me? Many would say ‘yes!’ without a thought. But I say that only a few know Me, and fewer still, do I know. These words I have spoken, are not really pondered, instead they are counted as for another. I desire to know and to be known – by My own, and this is the basis and qualification of entry into my family. Yet, you will see how many attempt to enter in, by other means that have an appearance of right and good, but are far from Me. I do not accept any who would go these ways. Realize that when My own seek Me, they do so through My Son – and lay down their lives as He did, so they may take up the life that is theirs – that I have given through Him. With each moment they are awake, My own live to lay down their lives – for they do not count them anymore to bare any significance, but it is God that they look to, so they may serve Him. I give power to My own, so they may walk in My ways, in My love, and they give to Me their own lives – daily. This is the exchange of love and intimacy grows from this. As I am known by these I too in turn, know them – it is the act and exchange of love that qualifies this intimacy for it involves cost. As you give, you receive, Me, and as I receive you, I give to you. Though Salvation is free, it by no means without price! Look at it this way; I build you a house, out of material you could never find or copy – a house that will provide for you all that you are in need of and It is there waiting for you. It has been built with such costly goods, there is no comparison, but it is given to you free of cost, for I do not charge anyone for the home I build them, I give it because of the love I have for all and I desire they live in my abode where they will not be in any danger. However, in order for you to actually enjoy this house you must move out of your old house first and leave all that is in the old to enter in the new. There is a cost to you in this great exchange, and that is you must leave all behind to enter in My abode. This is by no means what is often called ‘works salvation’ –instead, it is the logic of Salvation. I give freely to any who want – and to receive there is a cost and that is the cost of dying to self. Salvation is not what so many have made it into, Salvation is in My Son, and to abide in His Life is to receive the gift of new and everlasting life – found ONLY in Him, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life and As His life flows through all who receive Him – this is abiding, where I am known, and I know – all who remain in this posture. This is where living waters are found, for it is My signature in all who are in this place and remain. Do not think that the life of a believer and follower of mine is one of no work! Oh, how far away from the truth this is! I command all who are mind to be about My business – in all they do!

There will be a great many who will state to Me how much they have done for Me, oh the lists they will give of all the good they have done! They read their bibles, attended and served in church, gave to the needy, praised Me and prayed to Me. They have lived lives in word – and in deed, but not in My Spirit! They lived lives of addition and not of subtraction. They added to their lives, and did not count them as dead. They continued to live according to their flesh, their pride and the world. This is the great deception that is consuming Christian circles today! I will say to all of them: ‘Away with you, for I do not know you! You workers of lawlessness!’ For in living you did not consider the words I have spoken – ‘To be one of my disciples you must deny yourself, take up your cross and come follow me!’ They loved their lives too much to give them up – so I could never get to know them and they desired not to be known. You must die – so you may live! Those who have ears, hear and follow!

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