The corrupt WILL BE EXPOSED! – Victoria Ang

The corrupt WILL BE EXPOSED!

April 20, 2022 6:20 AM
Victoria Ang


As I was praying and seeking the Lord this morning , He reminded me of a prophecy he gave and told me to repost::: from 1/10/21 below….
Then the Lord gave me another prophecy this afternoon as I was praying


My MIGHTY HAND IS SWEEPING ACROSS THE EARTH.Moving and shifting the waste and filth that has piled up on your land.Exposing the “ rats and weasels” that have tried to hide in the cracks, crevices and holes in which they have dug for themselves. To keep all their hidden agendas a secret from the people.

Men and woman in your government that have sold their souls for money and power.Their continuous greed for more and more wealth. Mowing down ALL that stand in their way!!

The stench of the PILES OF MANURE, that they have created has filled my nostrils for too long!
“They have gotten caught in their own snares.And one by one they will fall! “

Do you think there would be no penalty for such EVILNESS??

Causing harm and death to my little ones for greed and perverse pleasures of the flesh.Making underhanded back door deals.

The corrupt WILL BE EXPOSED! And their fall will be great!

The doors to the closets that have been kept closed ,and guarded so carefully. Will come flying open and ALL the skeletons in the closet will come tumbling out. Leaving them embarrassed standing in their nakedness.For the world to see.

I will also deal with the media that have kept the truth from the people. Working for those that control the darkness.


I have given all a chance to repent and change from their evil wicked ways. But none have shown the slightest remorse. And are now scrambling in their dark holes. With their foot in a trap. But to no avail .
No power of darkness will keep them protected.
Now is the time for ALL TO SEE I AM THE ONE TRUE GOD.The maker of heaven and earth. AND THERE IS NO OTHER!!!

Wait and watch! THE TIME IS NOW!!

Romans 12:19
Isaiah 48:22
1 Timothy 5:8
Revelation 21:8
Mark 7:20-23
Psalm 97:10
Proverbs 17:13

The Lord said” THE TIME IS NOW”!!! This morning

Victoria Ang



I just wanted all to know that though I have not been on FB much ,it has been because the Lord has been keeping me in much fasting and prayer. And I have not been ignoring everyone. But trying to stay obedient to what the Lord has given me to do.
Anyway I was woken from a sound sleep at 3 AM to pray and then given a word from the Lord………

Listen up my children. Watch and wait as tail spinning , jaw dropping events start to take place. The doors of many closets in the political realm will start to open.And skeleton bones that have been kept hidden , will soon be displayed for all to see. The deep dark secrets that have been well disguised and kept under tight wraps will unfold.

Hidden agendas , lies and deceit of those in powerful places of government will come forth from the dark. And MY LIGHT will shine to reveal the truth.

The media that has been feeding deceptive information. Twisting and turning the truth to manipulate the people will be dealt with and backfire on their own wicked plans.

Causing great embarrassment and shame ,as they stand in bare form exposing them for what truly lies underneath.For all to see.


Stand in faith. AND WATCH! There will be no denial that these events are coming forth as my hand moves.

Did I not part the Red Sea? To make a way when there seemed to be no way? Many thinking and believing all has been lost.And giving up right in the middle of progression. Just because things did not happen the way one would expect or believe.
I am a God that will NOT be put in a box. Serving under the expectations of man kind.

MY WAYS AND MEANS ARE HIGHER.Hold on tight. As there will be much turbulence ahead. Keep your eyes steadfast and focused on me.As the waves start to increase.

I will keep you safe in the storm!

Scripture Given:

Deuteronomy 32:35
King James Version
35 To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.

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