The Confusion Dream – Solitary Man

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The Confusion Dream

May 26, 2024 11:10 AM
Solitary Man


Last night I dreamt that I was back in my old house in the city, yet it was not exactly like my old house. I know it was my last house, but the address was at a place that I had lived in long ago. It had some features of that long ago house, but also most features were from no house that I had ever dwelt in.

The previous owner of that recent house had dropped in. I had briefly met them before in real life, but these were complete strangers to me. They were not the real previous owners of our just sold house in real life, but in the dream they were. The women (I think there was more than one) were in the house, and my wife was speaking with them. I was in the garage. This garage seemed to be connected to the next door neighbour’s garage. There was no dividing wall between his garage and mine. Also, when he used his remote garage door opener, it opened and closed my garage door at the same time.

As I was standing in my garage stall, wondering what to do about this visit by the previous owner, my own garage door opened and a car came in. It was a strange car, one of those kit cars that you see car
enthusiasts build, a very bare bones vehicle. I could also see that other cars were being parked outside my garage in the driveway.

I immediately started yelling at them to get out and threatened to call the police. They seemed not to listen and not really say much in response. I kept getting more and more angry and I stomped off and began to call the police on my phone. I then woke up at that point.

It seems like the main theme of this dream is one of mixture and confusion. Old houses have been changed. The house layout was familiar, but not really. The address was different. The garage was different. The previous owners were different. The behavior of these people was like previous evil neighbors in real life, but now manifested in different people in a different setting. Garage door openers were familiar, but worked differently, opening and closing doors that they had no business doing.

Strong emotion was felt. I felt myself getting angrier and angrier. I was going to get help from the traditional, official authorities but the dream ended before I could even make contact with them, much less know if there was any help to be had from them at all. A feeling of powerlessness was felt, as circumstances seemed to be spinning out of control, and I had no power or ability to halt what was happening. All I had was my sense of impotence and inability to do anything about was going on. My world had familiar things in it, yet everything was altered, changed, and messed up. Nothing was working properly as it should, as in the case of the garage door opener.

I believe this dream represents the world that we are living in today. While it bears some resemblance to how things have always been, crucial details have been altered that have made it a different place. My house was not my house. My address was not my address. My garage was not my garage. My previous owners were not my previous owners. I had no control over my own garage door. I had no certainty that I could get help from the police. My wife seemed to be in a normal, unemotional conversation with the women that showed up. This occurred first, and represents how the world has tried to paint these drastic changes in our world as something sane and reasonable.

However when the man showed up and boldly parked his bare bones kit car in my garage, without even acknowledging that I was there and that this was my place, this represented the real agenda of the evil one. We can see that he is transitioning from trying to provide a cover story for his evil actions to one that simply does not care what we think about what he is doing. The bare bones car represents the stripping away of our wealth, comfort and security. We will be given only the barest necessities to survive by these evil ones. The other cars being parked on my property represents how the cabal is attempting to overrun everything in out lives with their agenda.

The fact that the people were in familiar roles, yet different people, represents how many of our friends, family, and colleagues have been fundamentally transformed by the lying narrative that has been unleashed upon us in the last several years. They look familiar, they are operating in familiar roles, yet they are not the same people at all.

I believe the Lord gave me this dream to remind us not to be deceived into thinking that anything is what it initially may appear to be. Beneath the surface, profound changes have taken place not only in the circumstances of the world, but in the people around us as well. Do not be surprised if people that you knew all your life begin acting in ways that you would of never imagined.

Many have been captured and transformed into different beings. Whether by poison death shots, injectable nanotechnology, or simple immersion in continual brainwashing, people are being changed.

Do not think that you can turn for help to traditional sources, like the police. In most cases you will find that they are not your friends. They too have been changed into something different. I was not able to get a hold of them in time before the dream ran out.

The dream left one with no answer as to if I was able to get any help with my problems. First and foremost, this represents the fact that there is no more help to be found in the old, tried and true areas such as police or other worldly organizations. I believe the ending of the dream also represents the fact that we must be willing to accept whatever outcome the Lord has assigned for us. He deliberately left the outcome unknown, as he is telling us that we must be willing to walk by faith, and not by sight. Some may be delivered from this present evil age, some may not. Have we settled it in our hearts to accept and embrace whatever outcome the Lord has for us? Even if he does not reveal to us in advance what that outcome may be? Are we ok with not receiving the promise in this life, as some of the saints of old (Heb 11:39-40)?

God is showing us that going forward, everything is not as it seems. Confusion and a sense of things not being as they should will be the order of the day. Let us continue to seek him fervently, always ready to embrace whatever cross he has laid out for us, even as Babel rises and captivates the blinded.

Scripture Reference:

Heb 11:39 And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise:
Heb 11:40 God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

Solitary Man

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