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The commonplace shall be no more – Patti Young

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The commonplace shall be no more

November 30, 2022 4:28 AM
Patti Young

The Lord’s presence surrounded me, I felt him, he awakened me and he began to speak.”

The commonplace shall be no more.

Man has set up his own kingdoms and said to themselves we have no need of a God to rule and reign over us, nor do we need his presence to dwell within.

I say unto mankind look around you, tell me what you see?

I tell you I see kingdoms coming down, I see chaos and fear and hatred of one another. I see secrets, men plotting even now with their plans to destroy one another.

I see sickness and disease, pain and sorrow, suffering and even death, with many more deaths to come in your future.

So mankind, without me nothing shall be sustained. Like castles made from sand, all is crumbling by the power of the wind. Your churches are polluted, filled with witches and witchcraft.

They are worshippers of themselves with their children offered as their sacrifices. I tell you I shall soon come unto you as the Sovereign God and will cleanse the earth of all of its wickedness.

With great power the earth will quake and tremble for is it not written the earth is my footstool?

Oh Jacob, oh Israel my Covenant stands forever with you, and unto your children and your childrens children. I come, show yourself approved and make it known that without me you cannot continue to exist for I alone am Life, and the Deliverer of all mankind.

The terror of night, the ruler of darkness comes, quickly he will be enthroned as ruler over mankind and will have no heart, nor have pity on any man, his only purpose is to kill and destroy. So many will be blinded, fooled, believe his lies and take his mark.

My heart is with great sorrow but free will I will always give unto man, my creation. Take charge those that are mine, know that I have chosen you and no man can deliver you from my hand. I am your covering and your safety remain hidden in me.

Cleave to me and my unto my word for I am your strongtower. My beloved, keep me forever as your first love in your hearts for I come unto my chaste bride.

The Lord gave me the word earlier
” kryptonite”.

I thought thats a strange word Lord.

Then he showed me a vision of wickedness all over the earth, demons and principalities with great power, then he showed me himself inside vessels and they were like kryptonite angainst all the evil, they became weakened and were all powerless just like in the Superman movies, he became powerless and was dying when kryptonite was placed near him.

Then he gave me a vision of a church full of people. The pastor began speaking words that were untrue and a man grabbed his wife and child and got up out of the pew to leave.

Then the pastor immediately turned into this huge red demonic demon as big as the church with huge wings and as he rose up to stop the man and his family from leaving his long tongue reached over to the doors and slammed them shut and blood was across both doors.

Thats when the Lord told me witches and witchcraft were all in the churches. (End of Prophecy)

Satan falls in defeat in the presence of those who have denied themselves to follow Christ in the way of the cross, away from the lustful desires and fleshly lures of a realm that’s ruled by him.

Unless we love not our old sinful rebellious kinda life in this fallen world to the point where God’s Spirit has ripped all of it out of us, how then shall we stand?

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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