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The Coming War Against New Zealand – Jeff Andrews

The Coming War Against New Zealand

Aug 1, 2019, 9:46 PM
Jeff Andrews


Between 2003 – 2011

1x Dream of a foreign warship visiting New Zealand on a so called friendly visit. Crowds in the thousands were coming down to see the vessel and there existed a bit of a carnival like atmosphere. Then the vessel unexpectedly trained its guns on the crowd on the shore and commenced to open fire, with the result people started to flee in panic. As I watched this unfolding disaster there was this a voice behind me, who I took to be the voice of God, stating “There is nothing you can do to stop it”.  

My Comment – I recall being shaken by the experience. I read sometime later about a Nazi Battleship that started WW2 by attacking Poland on 1 September 1939 in much the same way. I firmly believe that the judgement, which is definitely coming, will commence in much the same way – we will be aware of tensions, there will be an era of false peace when the forces of evil position themselves and we relax, then a devastating judgement that will leave the survivors seeking Gods mercy. Gods comments, in my assessment, were confirmation that Judgement is on its way, and cannot be stopped. End Comment.


2 x Dreams of Russian attack on NZ.

Always the same setting – Wellington Harbour, NZ. A large container ship sailing through the entrance of Wellington Harbour, then unleashing rockets from the deck of the vessel. On both occasions I recall sending my wife (in reality I’m not married) to safety so I could go down to the beach and fight. The last dream finished with me being elevated into the air as I watched the crowd below (thousands, if not hundreds of thousands) flee in panic. Both dreams lead me to believe that the attack was unexpected.

My comment – I read in 2011 about the Russian Klub-K missile system, designed to be launched from 40 ft shipping containers on merchant vessels, this left me in shock more than the dreams did. I come from an Episcopalian background, the Rapture is not something that features prominently in Episcopalian teaching and has left me a little perplexed. Again I believe we will be subject to judgement with total surprise – which is borne out by scripture. End Comment.

August 2005

1 x dream in black and white. I was walking, counter clockwise, around the outskirts of a small town, being escorted on my left hand side by a man dressed completely in black. We turned left onto a road that headed into town and to a small lane that was blocked off at one end. As we came to the end of the Lane we approached a group of people, sitting in a horseshoe like arrangement with a fire in the middle. The man in black led me to the man sitting at the head of the group of people. I forget the exchange that took place between us but the man got up, then turned into the most hideous creature I had ever seen, and I knew instantly this was Satan. He struck me and I went flying backwards and hit the ground. The dream ended, and believe me I didn’t get back to sleep at all that night.

My Comment – this was the night after, with Gods help, I had come to the conclusion that anti-Semitism was a sin and I wanted nothing further to do with it. Satan clearly was opposed to me coming to this conclusion! End Comment.

Exactly 1 week later, 1 x dream of nuclear detonation.

I recall sitting in this concrete WW2 type bunker with seven windows. Also with me was this was a female that I don’t clearly recall, as mentioned I am not married. I can’t say with certainty that it was the same women from the dream in paragraph 2 but we were looking out each of the windows, the sky was orange as though on fire and a mushroom cloud was visible.

My comment – I can’t add value to this one, not sure what the purpose for god letting me see that (I do know it came from God) was, but praying about it… End Comment.

Early 2010

1 x dream of a city surrounded by hills that had been wiped out through a nuclear explosion.

My Comment – Not sure what city it was but I sailed into Pearl Harbour in July 2016 for the first time, and is we looked around the port and the hills down towards Honolulu my excitement was immediately tempered by a sense of Deja vous – that I had been here before.

1 x dream of me making my way down the South Island of New Zealand (having to requisition a motorcycle to get over landslips etc) urgently trying to reach my home town Christchurch, only to get there and find it completely devastated and laid waste, and curiously the sky was all red as though on fire.

My Comment – this was without a doubt God trying to communicate a message to me, although I’m not entirely sure what the message was. I thought it might have been linked to the earlier dream relating to an attack, and a nuclear attack at that. However six months later Christchurch was hit be an earthquake that did significant damage, and six months after that (12 months after the dream) Christchurch was hit by and even more significant earthquake that resulted in 185 fatalities. These quakes did not however result in the complete destruction of Christchurch that I had witnessed in the dream. End Comment.

November 2016

1 x dream of being on a steam ship. I was the only one on-board. The ship left the wharf then picked up speed going faster than any ship could ever go. It crossed what appeared to be Cook Strait (separating the North Island from the South Island of NZ) before it came to a sudden stop. A couple of days later a major earthquake hit the Kaikoura region of NZ, not far from where my dream concluded.

My comment – it was only a year or so ago that I read that Abraham Lincoln, prior to each major battle in the US Civil War, use to have a similar dream of a ship sailing rapidly which he concluded was a signal of some national event of significance. End Comment.

2010 – 2018

Additional dreams of earthquakes, some of which have been a prelude to actual earthquakes, and some of which have been preludes to family events, such as family members passing away.


Another dream in black and white. I was the grounds keeper in a cemetery with the grounds keepers cottage in the centre of it. It was raining. I went to bed and woke up with two intruders sitting on my bed. They said they had found me after talking with someone I knew. They wanted me to meet someone. They led me to the front door and I opened it. There standing in front of me was a tall(ish) individual dressed in a cross between dark green and olive drab. Eventually I got the sense that this was a fallen angel. While I don’t recall the dialogue I do remember having the belief that he would grant me anything in the world I wanted. My response was “I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ” – the dream promptly ended and I woke up, shaking.

My Comment – I wondered if perhaps this brazen approach was an act of desperation by Satan? But followers of Christ need to be on the alert accordingly. I know a lady on the internet who had a similar dream also. End Comment.

The last dream I will mention here was also in 2018. Again it occurred in black and white. I was moving through a devastated city. In front of me in the middle distance, at the intersection of six roads (what appeared to a motorway) stood a figure dressed like a King – in fact, he was dressed in a similar manner to the Leper King of Jerusalem from the movie Kingdom of Heaven, just seemed to be glowing a bit more!

My Comment – not sure what to make of this one. Definitely think it was a dream from God, but previous ones in black and white have involved a confrontation with the forces of evil. A bit of a mystery, but prayer for discernment would be great. End Comment.

There have also been dreams of serpents – which have generally been the indicator/warning of a impending satanic attack.

There have been numerous other dreams that have been a prelude to events that have actually occurred, albeit a year or two after the dream. Also some visions – these generally occur at night prior to going to sleep, and last a matter of seconds. They relate to, again Satanic Attack, visions of a Lion, A chariot descending from heaven, and curiously one that involved a greyish black sky with a black 3 in it – all unsolicited.

In my assessment, the above dreams/visions, fused with events starting to unfold around the world right now, and what I know of the Bible and Bible prophecy, then I can see we are entering the last part of the end of this age, and about to witness the arrival of the millennial age of Christ here on earth. No one, in the farthest corners of the world, will be exempt from seeing Gods anger unfold prior to Christs return.

My recommendation, if I might be so bold – a lot of prayer, a lot of humility and an understanding of the Bible as a sense of urgency…… God Bless


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