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The Coming Martial Law – Ulrike from Germany


The Coming Martial Law

January 10, 2021 2:10 AM
Ulrike from Germany

On the night of January 2nd to 3rd, 2021 I had 2 prophetic dreams.

In the first dream I saw my dog Moritz again, who died on September 20, 2019. Moritz was healthy and I knew that I would no longer be separated from my best friend. For me this is an indication of the rapture very soon. In the second dream I saw myself with a lot of people in a large Evangelical Church, people who were definitely not in a church for many years. Some people looked like they had come from festivities, they were so nicely dressed.

Then I heard the pastor say that everyone should now pray “Our Father”.

I thought people were praying it out loud, but everyone bowed their heads humbly and prayed in their minds. Then I heard the pastor say we are going to have a »Dark Winter« at that moment I had to think of Biden, who also spoke of a Dark Winter, but I was wondering why this was said in English and not in German »Dunkler Winter« The pastor said many were running out of supplies, so the Church has made arrangements to buy a great deal of supplies so that everyone can stock up now.

Then I saw everyone getting up from the pew, there was a very long line of people because everyone wanted to stock up on food. Then I saw a Church servant who was handing out groceries and he said, “Governments will see to it that no one can buy groceries, stock up now before it is too late.” …. In the dream I thought how well I have a lot of food supplies.





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