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The Coming Mark of Beast / Vaccination – Vin Strang

The Coming Mark of Beast / Vaccination

July 10, 2020 5:09 AM
Vin Strang

I had a dream last night about the coming mark of the beast.

I was in a long queue in my old school. People were being given a shot or vaccination. They were also being stamped on the back of their wrists. When it was my turn they asked me my religious beliefs. When i told them i was a christian they used a different stamp on me. Next the scene changed to outside where there were massive protests and extreme violence.

May almighty God bless you all.

444 Note:

Research for yourself:

Quantum Dot Technology,
MIT Quantum Dot Vaccine,
World Economic Forum,,
Geo-strategic collaboration,
Global Reset,
Event 201 in October 2019

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  1. KarenO

    Interesting. That makes the translation of the Greek preposition {“in” or “on”) both true!
    I agree. They are rushing the vaccine to to fruition.
    I just searched vaccine trials (limiting the news to last 24 hours, because I heard on TV they were planning to make 30 million doses for trials !!)

    I also remember something Steve Mnuchin said in an interview early this year about searching for ways to capitalize on the pandemic (which seemed really odd coming from him – I can’t remember his exact wording, as it was so out of place,

    And now this –

    An emergency no – bid contract? Early this year?

    I’m not getting any “reusable needle” vaccine.- ordered by the US. Nope – Nope.

  2. Michelle

    I too have dreamed with a mark on the back of the wrist but it was an actual implant that I knew in the dream to be the mark of the beast.

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