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The Coming Event will Rock Everything and Everyone that is Not Standing Upon the Rock! – Jeff Byerly

By Jeff Byerly

The Coming Event will Rock Everything and Everyone that is Not Standing Upon the Rock!


In the days ahead there will be much happening that will cause your flesh to cry out. There will be very little physical comfort, it will not be like the time you are in now. It will happen at any time now, for the time of judgment is here.

The coming event will rock everything and everyone that is not standing upon the Rock! I have been saying this through My true watchmen and prophets. Most scoff and laugh at them behind their backs and they will be sorry. Just as they did in Noah’s day, they said “IT’S NEVER RAINED BEFORE!” but it did. The fountains of the deep also burst forth and only eight were saved. This time fire shall rain from the sky from the depths of the earth lava shall spew forth. In like manner the fallen ones shall come from the sky and from the depths of the earth they spew forth. They shall be used as judgment upon the evil men of this earth before I cast them into everlasting, fiery torment in the lake of fire.

My people, most of you are not ready for this event! There is much confusion right now in My body because you are not seeking Me and listening to Me diligently. You are not ready for My return though you think they are. All of you must seek Me for yourself and you must stop relying on only others to hear My voice for you. You must seek Me in the secret, quiet place, alone with Me, with nothing else and no one else on your mind or heart. If you cannot clear your mind of everything in this world you will not hear Me. Therefore, in your intimate quiet time with Me you must lay it all at My feet and surrender everything to Me.

Ask Me to take your burden, which is that thing or person that you cannot get off of your mind. I will give you My love and peace, if you give Me all but it must not only be done once. This must be done continuously every day. For your heavy burden, I will give you one that is light and easy. Stay yoked with Me in the bonds of love and I will do the work. You must be obedient and be filled with My Spirit of power and love and stay walking beside Me, as I lead you down the straight and narrow path. This is the path that is not chosen by those who walk by the desires of the flesh but only by those who walk in My Spirit. These are the sons of God! They will love like I love and they shall do greater things than I did when I walked the earth as a son of man because My Spirit shall be poured out upon them without measure!

Seek Me with all of your heart NOW and be “they”!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach


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