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The Coming Earthquake to the Middle East: Iran – Sharlene Reimer

The Coming Earthquake to the Middle East: Iran

July 17, 2023 6:56 PM
Sharlene Reimer
Vision #392 July 3/23 Mon evg

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus to Praise- Brandon Lake/Chris Brown/Chandler Moore- Elevation Worship-, When I Look Into Your Holiness-Dominique Hughes-Jesus Image- Michael W Smith- Healing Rain

I began to intercede for the issues concerning what was on my heart. I declared God’s Healing Rain to pour out on the dry and thirsty land. It is full of the wounded and oppressed, confused and lost; their hearts and souls are broken and thirsty. I call forth Your Living Water Lord- Your Healing Rain! Lord, come and drench us, quench our thirst, fill our hearts, fill our cups until they overflow! May God’s justice run like a mighty flood and His Righteousness like overflowing streams. Amos 5:24. Thank you, Jesus Messiah.

Vision: I came to the area by the stream where I always go before going up the mountain. But this time, I was brought to the mountain top straight away. My perspective changed and I was looking from a short distance away from the top and I saw a mighty angel standing in the middle of the area. He was wearing bright golden armour and had busy blonde hair; it was longer and messy. (not your typical angel appearance but then, the ones I have seen, all have their own look.) He took his sword, turned it tip down and placed both hands on the grip and thrust it deep into the mountain. The mountain began to shake and at the base of it a deep crack formed. This crack continued through the ground, heaving the earth as it moved. Then my perspective changed and I saw buildings close together in a row and in particular, a cream-coloured building- possibly made of a type of stone- a few stories high, shaking and mostly collapsing. My perspective changed again and I could see further down the street and noticed more buildings were shaking and collapsing. There was much destruction.

Interpretation: I understood this is an earthquake that heaven will begin; a mighty angel in obedience to the will of God, will set it in motion. From what I saw, I understood that a city is affected somewhere in the Middle East. Unfortunately there will be loss of life. I understand that it is judgment and a warning that worse is to come.

There was more to this vision that came July 10/23 mon evg

During the next prayer session:

Vision: I went from the white bench area and down the stairs as I always do. I greeted a few greeters and walked over to where the others had already gathered. The screen opened up to me standing on a road/street looking up. I saw large bricks or rocks falling and heading straight for me but they only crashed down around me. Then my perspective changed. I saw a large crowd of people- mostly men, walking in the street carrying pictures of different sizes but of the same person. I could only see the face of the person from a distance and he had a long white beard. I understood someone had died. Then to my right, I saw a green, white and red flag in the near distance. I understood it was the flag of Iran.

Interpretation: I understood that this vision was related to the first one. There is an earthquake that hits in the Middle East and likely in Iran but I’m uncertain of the city. I’ve looked at pictures in the city of Tehran and there are some similarities but it’s only speculation. I understand that it will hit a city and the area around it. The rocks/bricks that fell above my head but miraculously landed beside and around me could possibly represent God’s miraculous protection over the righteous while His judgment is coming down. How God’s protection manifests is up to His Sovereign will; it may not necessarily mean physically as it could also mean spiritually or emotionally.

Around the time of this particular earthquake it appears that an important leader dies. I’m not secure in this and so it would only be speculation if I said his name.

What is the message, Jesus?

“They (the Muslim people) have been deceived and have believed a lie for a very long time. Satan is the father of lies, of all deception and a delusional copy cat. But he can’t copy Me as I Am Truth. And he can’t copy My heart; I Am Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Faithfulness, Kindness, Gentleness, Comfort, Rest, Mercy, Compassion, Salvation and Forgiveness and so much more. The treasures of My glory are more than anyone or anything could possibly imagine! My heart is always for repentance and restoration. I will allow calamities as judgment and warnings to awaken the nations’ leaders and its people.”

What about the underground church there? “My eyes are on them and I Am with and in all they do. I always take care of My own.” (but God’s care of us is not necessarily what our idea of “care” is.)

I would encourage you to pray that God would pour out His Spirit and send His Healing Rain on the Muslim people; that God would remove their hearts of stone and give them soft pliable hearts that would respond to the Holy Spirit. That they would seek after the true Almighty God and His Son- Jesus/Yeshua Messiah.

I would encourage you to take the time to watch: Sheep Among Wolves Vol 2. A feature film by Joel Richardson and FAI (Frontier Alliance International)

It is a documentary about the underground church in Iran which is the fastest growing church in the world right now. They are experiencing Jesus in such a powerful and deep way. They walk the talk that God is truly all sufficient for them. They leave their homes not knowing if they will get arrested or return. They model faith rising under persecution- we have a lot to learn from them.

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