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The Coming Apocalypse – Barbara Francis

The Coming Apocalypse

10/3/19 4:44 AM
Barbara Francis

IT’S 444 am, the Lord is telling me to warn you of the coming Apocalypse. .

Daughter warn them now, many remain asleep, sound the alarm!. Wake up! FAMINE, WAR, DEATH is coming even at the door!. Prepare Winter is Coming. in times past I have always told my children when danger death and destruction was coming.I never change. PREPARE, just as I told Noah and Joseph I tell you now. Winter is coming. Make provisions for you family.. Many will not survive. WINTER IS COMING, Prepare now! Put no faith in the authorities.Trust your Father in heaven. Make provisions for you family . Pray for wisdom knowledge and understanding. . Pray you families eyes will open to the truth. Trust no man. Make provisions for you family.

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