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The Coming Apocalypse – Barbara Francis

The Coming Apocalypse

September 28, 2021
Barbara Francis

Daughter speak ,man has been warned of the coming Apocalypse and he has not heeded my words . The APOCALYPSE will usher in a NWO and the captivity of the people now I see that millions of people have defiled their temple . Your body is the temple of the Lord . The mockers and scoffers continue in their own lust with sarcasm and ridicule of my written and spoken WORD mocking my prophets and messengers publicly . They believe it does not apply to them because of pride . I have see the atrocities committed by man . Man will reap what he has sown . Man is belligerent and does not respect his creator or the creation. I will place a yoke around your neck men of Babylon . You will be servants of other nations and Kings because you did not honor me . You have served other Gods and provoked my anger. SOON I WILL BE SILENT and not hear you . Amend your ways as the clock strikes midnight .

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