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THE COMING ALIEN INVASION – Barbara Francis / Pawel86


May 19, 2021
Barbara Francis

Daughter speak of the coming alien invasion Speak of the deception and lies. Ancient tombs will be opened . Many will faint and hearts will fail men . Now is the time to seek after me I AM . Do not be deceived you will see signs in the sun moon and stars . I am always with you these are perilous times . Your enemies will be those in your own house. I have warned you to trust no man. An evil is coming and will try to subdue the weak. I have placed my Angels among you . I tell you again FEAR NOT what your eyes are about to see. Continue on the narrow path. Be Holy as I AM holy. FEAR NOT these things must come to past for as it was in the BEGINNING so shall it be in THE END. Look up your REDEMPTION IS NIGH.!

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