THE CLOCK STRIKES 12 – Godshealer7

April 27, 2019

Daughter in Noah’s time things were much different. I chose who would speak my WORDS. My WORDS traveled across the nations mouth to mouth., but in this time there are many deceivers. . I see the abomination. I see the confusion m .I see the Evil everywhere. I see the falling away. Many claiming to know me LIE .I gave Noah specific instructions to prepare and he did. I told him to warn my people what was coming and he did. Now I AM doing the same. I AM telling you to prepare for war,and famine and pestilence. My Messengers and Prophets are speaking the same message over and over . Please head the warnings . THE CLOCK STRIKES 12

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  1. I started looking for something like this last year in April and God showed me much information. At that time I thought it’s late like 23:00 now I feel like 12:00 at night … you just posted today this.
    Be blessed in Jesus Christ The Lord.
    Magdalena from Romania

  2. Magdalena Mihalcea

    I started looking for something last April. God showed me lots of similar messages like on your page. Than I thought at the time like it’s late 23:00 now I feel it’s like 12:00 at night
    Greetings from Romania.
    Here’s the site of our assembly based in Norway

  3. Kelli

    Yah Blesses you dear sister for your obedience and love ❤️ 🧸 I’m so sorry for your precious pet – He is in heaven now!!! Also, Wow!!! while watching I charged my iwatch and 12:12 popped up in RED WHOA!
    Total Confirmation from Yahuwah!!!

    Be ALERT WATCH and KEEP LOOKING UP we are abt to Soar!!! 🚀💺🚀

    Much Love Joy Grace Blessings Mercy Perseverance Patience Endurance and Shalom

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