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The Clock Face is Desolate for the Numbers Have Fallen – William Brooks

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The Clock Face is Desolate for the Numbers Have Fallen

June 19, 2024 5:49 PM
William Brooks

June 19, 2024

Are you ready for me, my Bride? (For I am coming) Are you ready? Are you listening? Are you watching? For I am coming for you, so faint not and have great hope and expectation, for the very treasures of Heaven await my faithful and your reward is in my hand! But woe to all who have rejected me in faithless unbelief, even me, Jesus the Nazarene! And so the day of your judgement is upon you, oh, great harlot who sits upon many waters, and your appointed time has come. Sudden destruction is upon you and your enemies have readied themselves, yet you still live deliciously even though you are a nation in chains before me, Christ Jesus. Your time in the sun happened because for a season your Fathers followed the Son of God and kept my Words. But my Church age has come to a close because you traded the treasures of my mysteries, and even the well-being and love for my people have you merchandised for filthy lucre and acclaim before men. You sold yourselves in base greed and dishonesty, and you have forsaken me, even Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of the world. But you have refused my word, you have refused my reproof, you have refused my council, you have refused my ambassadors, you have refused my prophets, you have refused my apostles, and you have refused me, Jesus the Nazarene, therefore you have refused Yahweh, and now I will refuse you, oh secret Babylon. And so judgement begins at the House of Yahweh!

For when you could have had peace and safety, you instead chose to blindly follow those who corrupted your nation. Even the Edomites tares who infest the lands, and who have troubled the earth since the evil one spread his abominations across Yahweh’s creation. So know, that I, even I Christ Jesus, will utterly consume Mystery Babylon with fire and in one hour will your destruction come, for it is written and what Yahweh has declared can no one change. Oh, foolish idolaters of the land of Secret Babylon, if only you understood your scenario. If only you would’ve inclined your ears to my words for I have called, begged, pleaded, exhorted, shouted, shown signs above and signs in the earth and instead of clothing your heart with sackcloth, instead of sitting in the ashes of repentance you instead are entertained as if you were watching magic tricks. Woe to those who are entertained at the signs of Yahweh in the firmament that announce their judgment, and double woe to you Mystery Babylon, for you have a double portion of judgment that is about to be unleashed, and you will not escape nor recover.

Secret Babylon you are a land of instant gratification, and you are most unwise. You have lured the nations in your ways of evil and compromise, and have made them drunk with the filthiness of your fornication. You do not understand my ways, for each among you walks in their own ways as they satanically do whatever they will, do what thou wilt is the whole of their satanic law and so the lawless come to nothing.

You do not understand my ways, for my ways are the ways of Yahweh, and I am the way the truth and the life, for no man comes to the Father except through me and if you have seen me you have seen the Father. But you have shut your minds, you have stopped your ears, you have hardened your hearts, and you have opened your mouths in blasphemous unbelief, even blaspheming the peace treaty that Yahweh has offered you. For I Jesus Christ, I am your peace! But no, instead of making me Lord you instead use my holy name, even Jesus Christ, in vain as another word to express the filth in your own hearts. But you cannot profane my name, for Yahweh has given me a name above every name, that at the name of Jesus Christ should every knee bow both in heaven and earth. And you will pay for every idle word, and your times have come. And so now, since you have shut yourselves into your own dens thinking you can hide from Yahweh’s judgment, I will now shut the door of entrance to the heavens for the unfaithful as I snatch my faithful away with me in the heavens for the bridegroom is approaching.

You foolishly think everything has gone back to normal, and the coming war can be watched on TV like the other wars your leaders unjustly waged. As you have been entertained by the death and destruction of other nations, so too will your nation be utterly destroyed, and your death and destruction will provide recompense to those destroyed with your consent. You foolishly think you can prepare for the wrath to come by living off the land, someplace off the grid, except you will be utterly decimated, captured, killed, hunted, starved, sickened, and many plagues will befall all those who reject me Yeshua HaMashiach, for to reject me is to reject the great eternal God, even Yahweh himself and there will be no remedy. So run to me now! You foolishly do not understand that the ten horns have colluded with the beast from the earth and the beast from the sea who have not yet risen to full power, and that your once great nation is fully given into their hands for utter destruction. (And with your nations utter destruction the beasts will rise!) For God has placed it in their hearts to fulfill his purposes.

You are utterly surrounded by your enemies vessels, you have allowed millions and millions of the Red Armies, even the army of the beast to infiltrate your lands. You have allowed them to commit acts of sabotage, they have destroyed your supply chains, they have destroyed your food supplies, they have destroyed your economy, they have made camps to cull, torture and execute anyone who does not suit their purposes. Understand that even then anyone who calls on my name, even Jesus Christ, to the end shall be saved. Those who make their choice of refusal final will eternally live with the consequences of faithlessness in the great flames prepared for the devil and his angels, for there is no other choice.

I council all who read these words to draw near to me. Quit your senseless debates and quit your senseless bickering amongst yourselves and preach the gospel of salvation as recorded in scripture and preach my word, even the words of my words in these last seconds. Preach them amongst yourselves, and be ever ready to help those in need. Quit judging your brothers and sisters and instead help each other in love to stand in the grace and mercy I have given, for it is sufficient. Confess and repent from your sins and do so now, you have no time! Make me, Jesus the Nazarene, your Lord, for time is up. Come to me now, for there are no other names given for salvation, except mine, Jesus Christ. Come to me now and depart from iniquity and I will receive you to myself if you but declare me Lord from a faith filled heart knowing that I am raised from the dead to die no more. I have outstretched my open arms to a dying world for many Jubilees now and times of grace and mercy are at a close, though grace and mercy are ever with me for I am a gracious Lord.

And so now, you wait in these final seconds, oh mystery Babylon. For suddenly will it happen. Suddenly will the fire fall, suddenly will the waters cover your skirts that are hiked above your waists, oh great harlot, suddenly violent shaking will come upon you and will tear you asunder, suddenly the command will be given and millions will break across the land to kill every and any living human that does not suit their purposes. They will have no mercy, they have no remorse, they cannot be pleaded with, they have no compassion, but they serve Satan and will fulfill the purposes given for them to fulfill, for they will fulfill the wrath of God on Mystery Babylon and never again will she rise.

Behold! The times are here. Repent while you still are able to draw air, for suddenly will it occur. Hear my words and understand: The restrainer is the only force keeping this evil at bay, and the time you think you have is simply time allowed to stage and move the pieces in place across the world’s board and these times serve Yahweh’s purposes. Then suddenly I will gather the faithful in my Church to meet me in the clouds and I will snatch my Bride away to her chambers, for in my Father’s house are many mansions and I went to prepare a place for you my Bride and the heavens are readied for you!

And suddenly, when my Father’s precious treasure is safely stored in the storehouse of the heavens (for it will happen in the twinkle of an eye) every yod and every thorn of a yod will come to pass, even every word that I have spoken by my true prophets and apostles, for they are many and the many that are of me speak in unison and speak according to my scriptures. Understand this, those who refuse the plain Words in scripture concerning the gathering of my Church to meet me in the clouds, those same ones who deny will themselves be denied and take their place voluntarily in wrath when such a thing was not necessary, yet how many of you will stubbornly refuse my voice in favor of those who tickle your ears? Yet, so will it be.

If any speak not according to my words, for I Christ Jesus, am the Word made flesh, do not even wish them godspeed for they do not properly discern my Words for my prophets will never contradict scripture for I cannot contradict myself. I am the very words of Yahweh made flesh, and I am Yeshua HaMashiach, the very lamb of God who came to cleanse the sins of mankind.

I am coming as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and my wrath is hot on the earth, for in righteousness I do judge and make war. Repent oh wicked ones of the earth for your refusal will be eternal. At the end of the seven years of Jacob’s trouble the World will be at rest for there will be a day of rest for a thousand years is but a day in the sight of Yahweh. And the Lion will lie down with the Lamb for my purposes of the Lamb of God will be consummated by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Time is up.

I Yeshua HaMashiach have sent these words by my servant, and by my servant have these words been sent!


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