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The Circles Of The Snake King Will Be Broken By Almighty God

July 6, 2021

The occult adepts practice their satanic rites in a circle. Their power is made manifest in a circle. When you enter their circle you are inside the wall they create, to call up the spirits, realize their spells, work their magic and craft.

Ten years ago and more, aborted fetal tissue was introduced into the commercial food and cosmetic systems, Oh Mystery Babylon. Enacted with 75 patents openly supported by your then sitting president. Most of you who heard about this heinous crime, that called out to God Almighty ignored it, refused to even believe or accept the possibility, that this could be a reality. Or said, “Who cares?” “So what? It’s in face cream etc. etc.

Those that eat other human beings are called cannibals. This application was called a sweeter, by the USA Food & Drug Administration. You have eaten My Children in fast foods, restaurants and myriad of prepared condiments and store bought foods for over a decade. This was a planned preparation to later put this crime on top of the table and make you openly complicit! Your handlers the state and federal governments, ABC corporations, foundations, cosmetic and food industries have brought you into the circle of satan. They have prepared you to openly take vaccines where aborted fetal tissue is candidly declared as a part of the ingredients. The Fish Headed Serpent in the Vatican has OK’d this application, for all the people of the world.

You Have Entered The Circle Of Satan!
You Have Entered The Circle Of The Occult!
You Have Entered The Circle Of Cannibals!
You Have Entered The Circle Of Death!

If you knowingly have taken a vaccine or booster shots with aborted fetal tissue you have entered the Circle Of Eternal Death. I AM God Almighty, the Father of all made in My image and likeness. I will smash your diabolical circles forthwith and deal with all who have those who have entered these rings of evil madness!

Note: Mr. s. didn’t want this one out: front screen door ruined, total mental attack!

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