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The churches they are marked – Patti Young

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The churches they are marked

June 16, 2020 12:11 PM
Patti Young

Flee from her, flee from Babylon and her wicked ways,  I heard the Lord say. The churches they are marked, part of systems of this World and its ways.

[photo credit: abbythetraveler.com Church Circle]

I was then given a vision. Before me I saw the end of a road like a cul-de-sac there was nowhere else to go. was cornered and it was dirty and my clothes were rags, dirty and torn. There was no way out, nowhere to go.

Then the Lord said,” When there is NO WAY, then I will come.”

I then was shown Curbside in front of houses, and the addresses were painted Over with a bush used as a brush, they were covered in blood red. I watched as men wearing Roman clothes and headpieces as they were driving by the houses and with bushes made with gold decor, they painted over the blood on the addresses with white and gold paint, and were smiling as they went from house to house.

I didnt understand this vision and asked the Lord what he was showing me. Then the faces of all these men wearing Roman togas turned to look at me and all their faces were Donald Trump. And then the men began to paint the roads in front of the houses all gold. After they had painted the roads gold, I began to see a gold throne being carried by men, and on the throne was sitting Obama, smiling and laughing also wearing a Roman toga with a headpiece on and sandals. He was waving palm branches as he strolled by…

The Lord begin to show me what this meant.

  1. The blood on the addresses was the houses of people who had covered their homes with the blood of the Lamb.
  2. The men whose faces were Trumps, covered over the blood with their gold and they’re  white, and the Lord showed me that the hearts of so many Christians trusted in Trump the man, and he was not to be trusted.
  3. The  road and the way was being paved for the son of perdition who sets himself up as God and the Lord showed me the Roman togas and the Roman clothing they were all wearing is from history, the Romans slaughtering murdering and torturing the Christians.
  4. And the blood that was on the addresses on the curbs were the Christian’s who had all trusted in Trump and they all believed they were covered and protected by him as their president.

Something else was brought to my attention regarding the addresses, census were just taken of all houses and household members.

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