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The Church – Terry Crockett

The Church

September 28, 2020 11:39 AM
Terry Crockett

Pastor Dana Coverstone’s deams has awaken so many people to the times and seasons.  God’s great mercy giving him dreams that move His people to set aside the month of September lifting up the church in prayer.  This is one of the words the Lord spoke concerning His church.

I received this word on September 22, 2020.

Days of change are upon My Church. Gone are the times of My Church bearing the lifeless image of their Creator. My face cannot bear the shame and defeat of a dead Church. Days you’ve entered if not prepared, you will scatter.

A Devine Exchange from breathless (without life)—gasping the Heavenly breath of God for the first time, producing Eternal life within. A Holy transformation of Devine surgery cutting away the foul weakness of every soul imparting Strength into the temples of God.  A Holy Righteousness by My Spirit igniting the light of Devine Revelation.

These days will be met with a new face, a new look-a Divine Exchange. 30 days of fasting and seeking, crying out to the God who hears from Heaven with the Devine in mind.

The Church lifting up cries to a Holy God—come and save us from ourselves. The Church lies dead at our feet unable to speak, lifeless and in a pool of shame and defeat. A zeal arises in their souls-now is the time for Revival!  Come with all the desire of Your soul and breath upon your Church.

For times and season demand change. The prophets word questioned by the godly as trash. Your warnings neglected and refrained from grasping the people’s soul.  Breathe upon us with fresh breath by the Spirit’s fire. Resurrect the New Man from the ashes that remain.  Don’t let Your Name be trampled under the fabric of the Church. Breathe on the dead—revive us O’Lord into the image of our King. Revive the heart—let life begin to radiate, let the fragrance of Your Being permeate Your Body.

For the days of Created Miracles when flesh takes on the Devine and the New Man is raised, godly and Holy and new callings are advanced to fit the day at hand.  Pastors are filled with fire by the Devine Spirit of God. Where flames cover the place where You (God) speak. Where there is such a Holy and Strong presence of the King, men will run kneeling in Holy Reverence, laying down the old self in service to the Master’s agenda.  I say a Holy Awe is returning in My House.

I see lines gathering outside waiting to enter God’s House where such a Holy Presence of Jesus the Master filling many with fear trembling, falling before His feet to their death but raised to life in the power of God’s Spirit.

Pastors, laymen, the ordinary transformed from the inside out radiating with God’s Glory within.  This is the message to My Church.

Fresh Anointing demonstrating God’s presence with Fire coming from the hands of My Anointed. The face of God has changed with an awakening to Righteousness and the Power of My Cross. Ministering takes on a different look whether in the pulpit or out on the street- POWER to transform men’s soul setting free the chains that bind. A Holy relevance, the fragrance of the King radiating right where you minister. Vision returning to the sight of the blind. Many in wheelchairs, walk for the first time, as their chains let go in the Presence of the King.

I see prophets and children having the same word.  The world turned upside down when the Holy invades time and space.  The Righteous Resurrection of Holy men raised by My Spirit taking on the brilliance of their King.  Miracles being done before you, manifestations of mighty exploits surround the people of God.

Days of terror presents themselves, but so does your King.  The rule and pleasure of My soul will meet the need at hand.  Gone are the days when My Spirit lies dead, for I’ve come to resurrect the Christ of God in every soul offered to Me.

Expect Heaven on a grand scale.  Call for Me to come and show My power. A Holy visitation to My Church, a people called with My Name.  Call to me to visit your homes, your children, your church, your places of business, your streets and communities.

Your cries reaches the heart of Your God, for I send My Spirit to occupy the New Man fashioned in the image of their God. A King of Majesty seeks to be the HARVESTER of men’s souls. Light be for the house with My Name!

Let My desire consume you, for I come with fervency.

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