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The Chimera Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

The Chimera Dream

May 2, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

4-29-22 @ 6:34AM

Sweet lovely Jesus, my love, I dreamed another dream this night, or I should say early this morning. I dreamed that once again I was visited by the angel Gabriel.

This dream you have given me starts with me finding myself in a small 6×6 room that’s totally white. There are no windows, no pictures, no furnishings but one simple door. The door is also solid white except for these words, “Waiting Room”. “Jesus, why am I here,” I hear myself asking out loud? No answer came, but the door immediately opens inward and there stood the angel Gabriel, who I have seen in dreams and visions as he delivered heavenly messages from Father God’s courts.

“Gabriel” I said in surprise! “Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy you are to come with me.” “Okay,” I said. This is when I noticed that I am dressed in white dress pants and a white long sleeve shirt. I have white shoes on. I’m totally dressed in white. He, too, is dressed in white, but he wore a white tunic top and white pants and a white belt or sash around his waist.

I could feel the glory of God all around Gabriel, and I felt weak kneed. I hear him say, “Be strengthened.” Immediately, my strength returned. “Come now Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, you are to be shown things from the past to gain understanding of what’s happening now and future times to come.” I took his extended hand and walk through the door. Immediately, I find that we are in a darkened room lit up only by many, many candles. The room has an ominous, oppressive feel to it. I feel evil! “Gabriel,” I said hesitantly. “Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, we are in the past. No harm shall come to you. Now watch closely what your enemy the adversary Satan has planned for your world, the earth.”

I turn to see a large gathering of people and to my surprise they are naked. Their hands are outstretched as they are chanting! I hear one man say “Oh Beelzebub, oh great prince, hear us. Come appear and tell us our Lord Lucifer’s bidding.” I see behind them what looks like red hooded robes laid carelessly behind the floor of each member.

Then suddenly I shudder as I feel the evilness in the dark, foreboding room intensify. I can see evidence of animal sacrifice on what I am assuming is their altar. I see a large shadowing figure appear in the middle of them that takes on the form of a man. He is of dark-colored skin now and has soulless black eyes. He has rings on each hand, and his appearance reminds me of the pictures I’ve seen of the Persian or Babylonian kings.

The man who had spoken prior calls out, “Prince Beelzebub, we welcome you.” “My children, I bring orders from High command from Lucifer, the high prince of all.” The chanting stops immediately when the demon begins speaking. The people are standing in what look like reverences to this prince demon Beelzebub. “My Lord prince Beelzebub, we are awaiting your orders.”

“You are to poison the feed, the grain, and the grass feed. You are to taint the seeds before they are planted, so the animals are all infected by their various known diseases. This will go unnoticed by the public and anyone who discovers the diseases in their feed; their stock and animals, you are to silence them permanently. Then when the deaths start occurring showing a pattern when we deem it’s the proper moment in time, then they shall be allowed to test the animals.”

“You are not to do this prematurely because the extermination of the animals the cows, chicken, pigs, lambs anything that is eatable and tainted must be slaughtered at the precise moment. To your world, you are slaughtering cows with mad cow disease. Chickens with bird flu for example, when in reality these are our animal sacrifices to our Lord Satan, to Lucifer to give more power to us to bring forth his son as your world knows as the Antichrist. It takes the blood, the animal sacrifices that you perform to increase our power and give life to our plan. Life is, after all found in the blood of all things.” Then the demon bellows and laughs.

“Gabriel, what’s going to happen”, I asked? “I will show you Daughter of Faith, of Mercy, and of Grace.” Then he takes me by the hand and gently pulls me, and it’s like we passed through time somehow. We arrive somewhere in a large open field where many cattle are grazing, all that is, but one. This one looks unmoving, and I feel it’s dead.

There is a gray-haired man kneeling over it as if examining it. I know he is a veterinarian. Standing next to him are two men. Both in blue jeans and button up plaid short sleeve shirts, both blue and white, but one has larger stripes on his shirt. Both are wearing work boots and cowboy hats. One dark brown and the other gray color. The man in the gray cowboy hat asks the veterinarian with a worried voice, “Well Doc, what is it? It’s not mad cow, is it?” “I’m afraid it is! I see the color drain from the faces of both men who are standing. “Doc, that will mean my whole herd will have to be put down.” “Yes, Steve, they will. I will have to report my findings.” I looked at Gabriel with my mouth hanging open. “There are hundreds of cattle on these fields. What are they going to do? What time era are we in? Is this my present time now?” “Yes, Daughter of Faith it is. They will call in those to slaughter this herd of hundreds and to the public it is to stop the spread of mad cow disease. But in reality, it is the organized sacrifice of all these cows and bulls to Satan because for the occultic powers, the power of darkness to work they need the blood and sacrifice of animals.” “Can this be stopped, Gabriel?”

“Daughter of Faith, of Grace and Mercy, it is written in the Holy scriptures that when you pray in Jesus the Risen Lamb’s name, in faith believing your prayers can bring about change. Come now, Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, I will show you a glimpse of the future that’s currently laid out for your world.”

Then he takes me by the hand, and it feels like I am being pulled through a curtain of time, a portal of some type. We are in a big city and I see rows and rows of people looking very hungry waiting in a line. “Where are we, Gabriel, and what are they all standing in line for?” As I’m observing, I see men and women in business attire, people in blue jeans and ragged shirts, most look unkept and dirty. I see even little children in the lines.

“Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, we are but a short time in the future. You are in the city called Reno in the state of Nevada. There is very little food left in your country and many places of your world at this time.” “Is this from all the animals they’ve been sacrificing for the devil?” “It is a big part of it. Though famine has been foretold in the Holy scriptures of truth and by his servants the prophets and prophetesses and others of the Risen Lamb’s children, it did not say how this famine would come into existence.”

“It is a combination of these ritual sacrifices being done in the disguise of destroying diseased infected animals, the droughts, and flooding as well as the raging fires that has destroyed much land. Then the residue from the nuclear weapons to come that will be used on your nation’s soil as well as others, food will become very difficult to grow. At least by those who do not faithfully serve Jesus the Risen King, the Lamb, because he will provide for his own.”

“So, what you’re saying is this occurring with the slaughter of so many animals, is like a Chimera and a Chimera has three different animal types in it, but in one body. The lion’s head is the plan of Satan where you took me first in the past where the occultic worship was taking place and Beelzebub appeared. It’s the mind, the head of the plan. Then the goat’s body of the Chimera is the body of the plan being implemented, which leaves the serpent’s tail, which is the end…the results of their evil plans come to fruition.”

“ The serpent’s tail of the Chimera is the end result of their evil plans, prayers, and sacrifices that are being done to aid Antichrist and his new world order system to implement it fully into place so Satan can finally have his short reign of power.” “Yes, Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, you have the proper understanding of these things,” Gabriel said to me softly, “and this is only one location among many, because he or they who controls the food and water supply can control the world.” “I understated Gabriel.”

“May I ask some questions?” “Yes, Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, you can.” “When you took me to the past and I witnessed the rituals and worship that brought forth Beelzebub, I recognized some of these people. They are very, very high-powered wealthy people, but some of them I know are supposed to be dead! Yet there they were. Is this due to the underground Nephilim technology and are these the upper elite, the 3rd level in the hidden society that deals directly with the Fallen Ones, the demons that Jesus has talked to me about in past dreams, visions, and conversations?”

“Yes, Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, this is them. Many have had their life extended by artificial means. Some through robotic technology, the mind transfer machine that you know as the Lazarus machine. Then when cloning became available, they began having their minds transferred into a cloned body, but the clone bodies are still not perfected, so their life span are shortened considerably compared to that of the normal gift of 80 years given to mankind by the Father, Jehovah God who sits on the throne of Heaven ruling supreme in all righteousness.”

“This leads to the constant need to re-clone themselves a new body continually! But now with the help of the AI system, they will soon have a body that will be stable enough through cloning that will do what is needed in the end to fulfill the great God Jehovah’s written word concerning the man of perdition called the Antichrist.”

Vicki Goforth Parnell

“Okay, that’s what I thought. I remember being told that the secret hidden society of the world’s wealthiest, elite people which actually control and run the world has three levels. The first level which would be tier three is the lower level that deals with the higher free masons, Illuminati, and others.”
“The second tier, the middle, is for those on this level that are in contact with the world leaders, sorcerers and wealthy higher ups who have dealings and contacts with the Nephilim the Fallen One’s offspring. But the top tier, level one consists of those long thought dead from your world’s wealthiest bloodlines, the global elite who have direct dealings with the demons, the Fallen Ones in the most strategic plans and strategies especially concerning the preparing the world or the Antichrist and Lucifer’s rise to power.”

Gabriel looked at me and said, “Jesus the Risen Lamb has entrusted you with much information, Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy. Soon the time will be at hand when the information he has instructed you to withhold, you will be released to speak freely. Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, you have no reason to fear any man or woman on this earth. The great God Jehovah and his Son Jesus the Risen Lamb are your protection. Many other angels different than me have been dispatched also to ensure your protection. You are greatly loved.”

“I’m humbled by these words, Gabriel. There’s a lot of information in my mind that I haven’t even written down, as my lovely Jesus has instructed me to do, and I do trust him to tell me when.” “He will Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy. Now you are to share what you’ve seen here, so the people know what is going on in your world and the Risen Lamb’s bride can effectively pray and war against the enemy’s plans, schemes and strategies.”

“I will Gabriel with Jesus’s help, in his strength and his name I will,” I responded passionately. “This is why this has been given to you to share, because you have been faithful in sounding the alarm and sharing the words from heaven’s court.”

“What now,” I asked the angel Gabriel? “You walk through that door.” I turned to where his hand was pointing to see a white door that had in black letters the word “exit” on it. “Where will it take me,” I asked him questioningly? He replied, “Back to your bed, where you will awake safe in your apartment.”

“Will I see you again, Gabriel? I mean, it’s not every day God sends a heavenly messenger to your home.” “I am a mere servant, a messenger for God Jehovah and his Son Jesus the Risen Lamb. As long as the war rages for the souls of the people of your world, my fellow angels and I shall be about the business of heaven’s courts,” Gabriel said to me.

“Is this the last message you will be bringing for me to share and warn the people,” I asked earnestly? “No Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, as the end of days continues to draw to a close, the more messages, decrees, orders and commands will be issued from heaven’s courts to aid the children of the Risen Lamb, his bride before he retrieves them shortly from off the earth to be with him forever by his side.”

“I understand,” and I turned then from Gabriel, walked to the door and turned the white door knob. It swung open with ease. “Goodbye Gabriel,” I said turning my head slightly one last time to see him. “Goodbye, Daughter of Faith of Grace and Mercy.” Then he was gone.

I walked boldly through the door and found myself setting up on my bed as I remembered all that had occurred in this dream. “Jesus,” I whispered, “there’s so much to pray for. Give me strength in your name to do all you are calling me to do.” “I am Daughter, I am.”

Luke 11:15-20 Matthew 10:25-28 Psalm 37:18-19 Ezekiel 13:14 Psalm 107:33-34

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