The Chamber – Cheryl Adama

The Chamber – Cheryl Adama

October 25, 2018

Go, go away from this place, the place where Fear dwells. Excuse yourself from all its company and steal away to a place that has been set aside for you, just you. As you make that first move, to turn from Master Fear, it will only be moments where you will see the Door, the Door where hope awaits you. Keep walking away, blocking your ears against the threats that Fear shouts your way. You see, he so makes it all his effort and aim that you would bite what he throws your way for ‘ahhhhh he will say, I’ve captured this one – again! Come away with me now so I may take you as my disciple, we will work well together as you will listen to all I tell you!’ But I tell you, keep walking, do not turn back – for there is the Door, do you not see it? Open it for you have one who wants to meet with you – alone, just you, just Him. ‘How very long My dear one have I thought about you, waiting for this time we would have together. I wanted to scoop you up and away from your tormentor so many times don’t you see for you are inscribed in the very palms of My hands? It was only because your eyes were upon him that you could not see Me nor hear My words to you. My heart is so very tender towards you, for I can feel every inch of you in depths that only I understand. My cry is for you, to come! Come to Me – and find your rest. I rescue all who would only seek to find Me. But know this, I do not take you out of the world, but I bring My world to you – so you may escape all that seeks to destroy you. It is the place where you do not have to Fear anymore. I place My hand upon your heart, and say ‘PEACE! BE STILL! It is the place where though there be the force of (evil) winds blowing upon you, as you keep your eyes upon Me, we will walk upon all that comes against you – like when one walks upon water’ For most certainly there will be troubles for all who will live and breathe upon the earth, but I have made it so that you may overcome, though you are even made to walk in the furnace of fire – fear will not be in your company, not even there! This place that I have made for you and Me is one that cannot be understood let alone explained, it is a place that must be experienced to be part of. It is the forsaking of the relationship man has with Fear – so you may enter into My Chamber I provide for all to join Me. In this place I will tell you things you do not yet know, and where you gladly give to Me what I ask for and where you receive joy unspeakable. Here is where you will truly find peace and My counsel that will sustain you to the end. For as you make this your regular sanctuary, you will no longer hear and obey the voice of Fear. But do not think that he has left, no he will always try, only make it your habit to remain in this place with Me – always! For it was designed for constant habitation! For if you come and go, you are always at risk to be deceived by the clever and cunning Master Fear whose aim is to put you in the place of torment to destroy you and keep you from Me. Though he be cunning in all he does, he never takes you by force, but it is by your own choice and decision, just as with Me.

I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:9-11

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