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April 9, 2020 5:04 PM
Averine Pennington

April 9, 2020

I had a rather disgusting dream early this morning just before waking. It was so disgusting that I wanted to forget about it. I fixed myself a cup of coffee and delved into my morning Bible study. I am still in the book of Luke. There is so much the Lord is teaching me from the parables. After a couple of hours in the Word, I transitioned to my prayer time. Almost immediately, the Lord brought back to my memory the details of the dream and put on my heart that it is to be shared. I trust the Lord that He knows this must be for someone, so I will be obedient.

The dream was as follows:

Some sort of storm which causes flooding had passed through a trailer park. Though the waters were receding there was one mobile home on the edge of the flooded area whose yard was still covered in water. This was not my home, but evidently someone I knew. I was in the home trying to help with cleanup. Due to the flooding, none of the toilets in the home were working properly. All had been ‘used’ and needed flushing badly. Someone (not sure if it was me or not) flushed one of the toilets and instead of the contents going down and out, everything started to overflow into the home. Yuk!

Then it was as if I was carried away in the spirit and I was looking down from above into this huge toilet bowl beneath me. There were people, dozens of them, swimming in this ‘CESSPOOL’ that was filled with raw sewage. It was so disgusting! They didn’t even seem to notice the stink and human waste that was floating all around them. They were having a jolly ole’ time interacting with one another as if they were having a swimming party in a creek or something. In the very middle of the group was a man in a white suit, just floating on his back amid the sewage with all the others swimming around him. I remember trying to yell at them to get out, warning them of the danger of contamination. Then it was as if I could see a large hand coming down from somewhere behind me, as if it was preparing to flush the toilet. I yelled louder, trying to tell everyone to get out . . . they were only moments away from being flushed down the toilet with all the rest of the sewage. They were all making so much noise among themselves and having such a good time they couldn’t hear my screams.

The dream ended.

For those with spiritual eyes, I think the interpretation is rather obvious. But I believe God wants to impart some truths from this dream.

I can tell you from experience, going through a flood is not fun. My family has been through it twice, most recently during Hurricane Harvey (2017). There was a river flowing through our subdivision of about 300 homes. It is a rural community, and everyone has a septic system and a water well. In addition to losing much of your belongings and having to muck the mud out of your homes, there is a long period of recovery and rebuilding. When residents are first allowed to return to inspect the damage, what greets you first is the stench of the neighborhood. It is overwhelming! The flood waters have compromised all septic systems and contaminated all water wells. The area is uninhabitable for weeks. The septic systems must be pumped out and the water wells are required to go through a purification process with bleach. Water samples must be tested, multiple times, until it is deemed fit again by the county for human consumption. Everything that was touched by the flood waters must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any contamination. Folks, I share this with you for an example . . . God does not want His people to be contaminated by the world. That is why he calls us to ‘come out from among them and be ye separate’ (2 Corinthians 6:17).

The Holy Spirit made it abundantly clear to me that the man in the white suit who was floating on his back in the dream represented ‘the sleeping, lukewarm church.’ Many churches have become so focused on being ‘seeker friendly’ that they don’t even realize they have left their first love. In their efforts to be a friend of the world, they have become contaminated. The change was so subtle, they may not have even noticed when they crossed the threshold of becoming an enemy of God (James 4:4). Oh, how our Lord wants his ‘church,’ his body of believers, to wake up to the condition they are in and be overcomers (see Revelation Chapter 1-3).

The other people that were in the cesspool, I believe, represent all others in the world:

  1. unbelievers who may never repent and are just out to have a good time in the wickedness and evil of the world that surrounds them;
  2. the lost sheep, that he wants us to find and bring into his fold;
  3. the lukewarm and wayward sheep that have wandered away and need to find their way home.

As I said, I was reading in Luke this morning which certainly pertains to this dream. Chapter 14 is about the parable of the Great Feast, where those bidden to the supper gave excuses why they could not attend. The master sent his servants out into the highways and hedges to ‘compel’ people to come in so that his house might be filled, and the supper furnished with guests. Chapter 15 covers the parable of the 99 and 1. If a man has 100 sheep and he lose one, he leaves the 99 and goes to find the one that is lost. He looks until he finds it and then calls his friends and neighbors together to rejoice with him. Chapter 15 also includes the parable of the Prodigal Son. This is the story of the wayward son who took his inheritance and went off into the world and wasted everything he had on riotous living. Then when he had spent all his money, he found himself in so low a circumstance that his job was feeding swine. He was so hungry he thought of eating the swine’s food. Praise God, he came to his senses and decided to return to his father’s house hoping to just be treated as a servant. But when he was still a far distance away, his father saw him and RAN TO MEET HIM. That is the way OUR FATHER is with us. He is waiting for us to come to our senses, and the moment we turn back to Him, he RUNS toward us and WELCOMES us home. He will call for His best robe (the ROBE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS) to be put on us.

Please examine your heart. If you find yourself in “the cesspool” of this world . . . I am screaming at you! Please listen. There is still hope if you will make the decision now to get out. Call on Jesus! He will save you! Don’t delay, time is so, so short. God’s hand is about to make a swift and decisive move!

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