The cave of Adullam… – T. Andrew Farley

The cave of Adullam…

November 28, 2020
T. Andrew Farley

David entered the cave of Adullam alone. Much had changed quickly since the aged prophet Samuel, anointed David as future king, soon after prophesying King Saul’s judgment, due to his disobedience and stubbornness. (see 1 Samuel 15 and 16.)

God had examined David’s heart (not his outward appearance) when He chose him as Israel’s future leader or Saul’s pending replacement. However, that transition would require MUCH preparation, that only the sovereignty of the Father would lead David through.

As the Master Potter worked on David, it was a period of around 15 years from that moment of anointing to when David first became King of (first) Judah, then 7 years later he became King of all the tribes of Israel.

This was a period of great “testing” not only of David, but of the children of Israel as well; due to their earlier rejection of God’s leadership and insisting on an earthly king or man to lead them and “make their nation great again.”

In 1 Samuel 17, we know the famous testimony of David’s boldness in facing the giant Goliath who taunted (and terrified) all the soldiers of Israel for 40 days in row. He faced the “uncircumcised Philistine” and took him down with God directing a single stone to his forehead after David himself prophesied Goliath’s death (straight to his very large ears!) just prior to taking the step of boldness and faith, and making it come to pass due to the anointing upon him!

It doesn’t seem to take much time in reading 1 Samuel 18 and 19 for King Saul’s rollercoaster emotions about David to manifest, especially after hearing the people of Israel celebrating David’s victory in a song making comparisons of him that elevated his victory in war over the works of Saul.

Around that moment, jealousy and paranoia encroached upon king Saul, after God sent an “evil” (or “distressing” is the word used in other versions) spirit upon him. (See 1 Samuel 18: 10)

As the persecution of David increased, Jonathan is a key player as the son of king Saul, who was previously “knitted together” with David in a Godly soul tie or Kingdom covenant, made additional pledges with David promising to gain intel and keep him safe. He discerned his father’s intentions clearly and warned David very strategically in 1 Samuel 20, by using 3 arrows to tell him (covertly) to flee.

At that moment David fled first to Nob and the priest Ahimelech (1 Samuel 21), who ended up feeding David the holy bread or “shewbread” set aside for the Levitical priests, and he also gave David Goliath’s sword to take with him, but David couldn’t and didn’t stay, he was still on the run! (and Saul shamefully killed 75 priests of God (from Nob) in vengeance that was a manifestation of the evil spirit he was oppressed by due to his disobedience and God’s will.)

David next fled to Gath and the king Achish; he quickly realized it was a volatile snare and had to act “insane” to escape that situation with his life, which led him to “escape to” the cave of Adullam.
I Samuel 22: 1-2 NKJV

“David therefore departed from there and escaped to the cave of Adullam. So, when his brothers and all his father’s house heard it, they went down there to him. 2 And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was [a]discontented gathered to him. So, he became captain over them. And there were about four hundred men with him.”

As you read in this scripture, the word of God does not have specifics at all about the enormity of how and what God was doing or starting in that cave.

First David entered alone, on the run and I imagine somewhat desperate. I am certain he likely found his spot on the floor (and on his knees) before the One True God in supplication, diligently seeking Him.

Here he was, previously anointed by Samuel, just a short distance from the very spot where he took the life (and removed the head) of the giant who mocked God and Israel. “What on earth happened?”, he must have been asking himself!

In desperation, David still trusted God and did not quit! As we see in verse 1, it did not take long for God to make sure after bringing David into the cave to make sure his “father’s house” heard it and they went to him. These were his family members and some of those who loved the God of Israel, but each one of them (including David) were now were distressed, in debt and discontented.”

We can tell that a lot had to happen in a short time before David left and took his parents to safer sanctuary, subsequently returned and the prophet (Gad) told David to leave and go into Judah. I am guessing that after much de-briefing and discussion, they went in the spirit of unity into prayer and worshiping, allowing them to connect to their true source for wisdom and strength.

This powerful group meeting and supplication was the moment of re-charge, to walk next in further steps towards God’s restoration and into empowerment by His spirit of grace and reconciliation! David was now their Captain!

In the darkness of the cave, God was opening doors no man could shut of divine connection; this “rag-tag beat up and broke” bunch, was the beginning of David and the mighty men of valor; and there were about 400 of them. In mentioning verse 5 once again, God spoke through one of them and sent them out, as they took steps of faith and obedience.

In modern times the spirit of “religion” (not a good thing!) so prevalent throughout the ages (there is nothing new under the sun) many leaders and experts in the church would say or ask things like:

“You can’t do that, you’re unprepared!”

“Are you kidding me, STAY in the cave or else Saul’s going to slaughter you all; get your earthly affairs solved and in order, you can’t follow or serve the living God like this or until you do!”

If God has chosen you, called you and anointed you- He WILL equip you! This is proof positive in biblical and world history that God assembled “about 400” and unified their hearts to the call He placed on their lives for a time such as that! Preparation for transition has historically been this way in many other places in the bible (Joseph & Esther’s testimonies are just 2 examples!)

Who is in your cave with you?

Who is God sending into your life that is truly of Him and will have your back? It’s critical brothers and sisters that while we all rely and depend on (and answer to) God alone, yet we must discern and get this question right in the current times and the days ahead, the enemy will try everything in his power to encroach or infiltrate the camp if he can!

The modern religious systems of thousands of denominations and “Churchianity” is being de-constructed by God, in order that His end-time rag-tag bunch who He has chosen, those who have been afflicted and through their own version of loss and fires of affliction, are being re-made into His spotless Bride or army. Many of these “few” will be the laborers of prevailing and powerful love (in Him and together) during the greatest harvest that will ever come upon the earth!

This group called to service by the Lord of Hosts from before the foundation is NOT more special than any other part (or person) in the true body of Christ, but they have been humbled. They examine themselves in the faith regularly. They love God, they lift others, they value their salvation with fear and trembling and they are overcomers through the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and not loving their lives unto death.

You will know or spot them by their love (shown) for one another, and by their fruit.

The beast system of the adversary spoken of in Revelation is assembling now around the globe through much deception and by attempting to impose fear (quite successfully at times) to and through the religious systems. I’m not talking about the unbelieving world ; of course they’ll mostly (and sadly) go along with the lying narrative, until the Father draws some of them to Himself through Jesus, but “the church” has been and is being tested by God Himself and what He’s allowing. Remember, He (Jesus) came to bring division!

The adversary and his Luciferian system (empowered by the deception of complicit mass media brainwashing many asleep sheep), is also trying to FORCE God’s people into caves of his choosing. He does not want to think about allowing an “Acts 2.0” and fear is the greatest facilitator of unbelief.

If we are caught in that snare at all, we must recalibrate in our cave of Adullam in faith and allow perfect love to cast out all fear, by seeking Him diligently in prayer and worship and by the washing of His word!

While the “great reset” is being planned by the elites, God is finalizing HIS great “re-set of faith over fear” and wanting to shift and place the lens of excitement and trust upon His people.

It’s critical to take this last period of whatever remaining time we have before a great “suddenly” occurs, to seek God diligently in the secret place for His perfect will in our lives; this is the only way to abide in Him to appropriate the provision, protection and grace (His power in our weakness) to walk the steps He has ordained for each and every one of us, before He formed the foundations of the earth!

He will soon call us out of our cave…Will He find faith?

We thank You and praise You for Your living word, and the privilege we have of learning in it and through it! We thank you for the example of King David and his tribulation and testing example, as you forged him into your vessel to lead and reunite the 12 tribes under your banner! We know this is a foreshadowing of what Jesus came to do, via the “house of David!”

We know the Lion of the tribe of Judah is soon returning to the earth, to rule and reign. (Rev. 5:5)

Help us pray according to your perfect will being done, in all things and on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). Help us not to pray opposite of your will in any way. Lead us by your Spirit to pray according to the heart of God! Lead us to always remember what this season we’re in is about, it’s a time of soon coming out of the caves, to rise and shine in and for You and our King’s glory alone, as He comes to establish His true administration on the earth. (Isaiah 60)

We submit ourselves to you on the altar of our lives. We ask you to quicken us out of any snare the adversary has planned against us or has us in. Lead us to ALL truth and use us, as you will! Quicken us according to your word, quicken us by your Spirit and out of the flesh, quicken me according to your judgment, quicken us into your lovingkindness, so that we may give testimony to the King of Glory. (Psalm 119)

Help us to conform to your image, faith to faith (Rom. 8:29 &Romans 1:7) and glory to glory, which only comes through dying to self and focusing only on things above, not beneath (Col. 3:1-3). Help us to pick up the plow as you lead, and never look back to the things of the world (Luke 9:62). Do whatever it takes to equip us as those whom you have called and chosen. (Matt. 22:14)

Increase our discernment and wisdom in and by the fear of the Lord and provide us advanced Kingdom instructions, understanding, and equipping through the 7 Spirits of God, make us faithful in a perfect heart. (Isaiah 11:2, 2 Chron. 19:9)

Help us to war and stand in the gap as you lead, we watch and pray always (Luke 21:36) in the mighty name of Jesus! We trust you alone, we thank you for loving us first!

You are the first love (Rev. 1:5 & Rev. 2:4) and we want you, not the things of this world, for we will not be your enemies! (James 4:4)

Have your way Lord, amen, and amen!

T. Andrew Farley / Indianapolis, IN 11/28/2020 Inspired by and with great assistance from the Holy Spirit.

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