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The captive will be set free – Patti Young


“The captive will be set free.”

July 4, 2020
Patti Young

I want to share the dream the Lord gave me as I napped this afternoon. When I first woke up from my nap, I noticed right away that I was in a very deep sleep, which rarely happens anymore with me. And I also immediately noticed, deep in my spirit I had excitement, which is a rarity, knowing where we are at in prophecy today, and knowing all the warning words, visions and dreams God has given me and also many others all over the world, I am usually heavenly burdened and sorrowful for the blind and the lost who do not see nor hear in the spiritual realm of Gods kingdom.

In my dream I was walking on a dirt road, and my attire was in clothes of burlap, sackcloth. On this road I began to see many people on the earth being completely delivered, set free, no longer imprisoned and bound. Jesus was walking on the earth but as a complete Spirit, I could see him and see right through him. He could walk through walls. And what I noticed he did not even have to lay hands on the people as most do in the churches in deliverance meetings. He didn’t have to put his hand on their heads, he didn’t anoint them with oil, he didn’t even touch most of the people on this dirt path, he simply walked by and looked at them and the demons immediately came out of the people.

I was so excited in my spirit in my inner man because I knew this is what’s coming in the earth, this wasn’t the works of the religion in the churches and the people trying to make things manifest, this was the works of the Spirit of God without measure. And on this path I saw a friend that I know a man named Andrew who is also wearing sackcloth and what I took notice is he was barefoot and wearing burlap. I came running up to him and I said, Look, Look what Jesus is doing now, look what he’s doing, he’s simply walking by the people and they are all getting set free, the demons are leaping out of the people.

I share this as encouragement because the things we see in the earth are all the prophecies that are coming to pass and being fulfilled now at the end of this age. But I want to share the glorious things that Jesus is also about to do in the earth, mighty things we have never seen or known before.

He said to me “The captive will be set free.” The Lord also explained to me that the sack cloth, the bare feet walking on the dirt road, are the people God is about to use, they are the nobodies, they have no name, they have no titles, in fact most didn’t even want to be chosen, and the people will walk as the Disciples walked with Jesus. Gods ways surely are not our ways❤🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥❤ Isaiah 60:1-3

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