The Canadian Truck Convoy/Trudeau’s “Mountain” Will Crumble – Sharlene Reimer

The Canadian Truck Convoy/Trudeau’s “Mountain” Will Crumble

Vision #340

Jan 26, 2022, 6:41 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Jan 24/22 Mon evg

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room and using my new flags that just came in the mail. (ordered from Called to Flag my little plug J )They are metallic pink and are so beautiful. I praised Jesus with Charity Gayle songs: In the name of Jesus, I speak Jesus and Thank you Jesus for the Blood. I understand when I worship; either in song or flag, I am changing the atmosphere and angels come and worship with me. I saw one spreading his wings as I was spreading mine. This is a new dimension for me and I look forward to learning more about it.

I began to pray. When I came to my mountain, I saw me with the warriors in full gallop on their horses heading towards it. We quickly dismounted and went up without delay. Once on top, it was Jesus that was standing there waiting for us. I asked about Moses and Jesus replied, “Remember what you have learned.” Not to sound cheeky, I asked if He could give me a great memory because He knows I sometimes struggle with that! I thought over some of the lessons of Moses-remembering what he showed me in the spirit and what he wrote about in the Word of God. The biggest lessons I am still and may forever be learning is the fear of the Lord (humbleness and reverence) and how to worship in “be still or just be” time, obedience, the power of fasting and intercession, to remember to ask God for help as He will provide according to His will and timing, don’t do things on your own power and a pure heart can ascend the mountain of God. Then I had a different perspective as I was standing slightly behind Jesus to His right and had a good view of the top of the mountain area. I saw the other warriors listening to Jesus while waiting for their eagles too. I then saw my eagle arrive to my left and close to the edge of the mtn top. I climbed onto his back and off we went while I was proclaiming Ps 91.

I found myself overlooking that convoy of trucks that was heading eastward on the #1 hwy in Canada. I declared Isaiah 54:17 warred with other scripture as the enemy will want to sabotage this convoy. I released mighty angels to battle for them and I blessed the convoy; their purpose and their journey. And as the world watches and supports Canada, I pray that the truth that is known, would heap coal on the Canadian media or any groups that want to suppress or malign the truth. This convoy is a prophetic act as well. I pray that the people of this nation, including the church, will align themselves with God’s heart; His will and stand up as the truckers take a stand against a corrupted government.

I went to the white bench area and asked Jesus about the convoy. Jesus said, “Continue to pray for it. This is the start that will bring the government down. And He continued, “I will bless those who support them.” I understood that it’s not over as there will be push back but God’s agenda will prevail. Let’s continue to pray into what we have seen in the spiritual will come about in the natural. And that the convoy will be a catalyst to motivate this nation to stand up – even the church and bring down the government. Thank you Jesus! A peaceful demonstration is powerful and effective. Let the unraveling commence!

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and walked over to the area where the others had already gathered. The screen opened up to see Trudeau’s face fill the screen. Then I saw him pacing in a room with his head down, appearing upset or worried. The picture changed and I saw a rocky mountain with a close up of Trudeau standing on top of it. He was alone. Then the mountain began to shake violently and it began to crumble. I was wondering how Trudeau would survive the collapse of the mountain. The picture changed and I saw Trudeau at the base of a huge hill of rocks. He was on his knees leaning over a small boulder with his face down in disbelief.

I was given the verse from Zech 4:6-7 “Not by might, nor by power but by MY Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubabbel, you will become level ground.” Then He will bring out the capstone to shouts of God bless it, God bless it!”

God will bring down Trudeau, and his corrupt government as I have seen in previous visions #304,339. And it will be the Lord God Almighty that will change this government. He has heard our cries but we must continue to pray and not give up. May we declare once again God’s supremacy and lift our hearts in prayer to Him as we sing what is written in the 4th verse of our anthem hymn: “Ruler Supreme Who hearest humble pray’r, hold our dominion in Thy loving care. Help us to find O God in Thee a lasting rich reward, as waiting for the better day, we ever stand on guard.”

“He will have dominion from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth” Ps 72:8. Oh Lord, please restore our Dominion Day! May Your name- Lord God Almighty- forever be praised and declared over Canada! Amen!

May the words of our mouths be acceptable in Your sight, oh Lord. Keep in mind, as much as I believe Trudeau is corrupt and must come down, it’s not okay that we condemn him or crucify him. We must see him as God sees him- one that has been terribly deceived by the enemy. There are consequences and judgments for our sin but God does not want any to perish but come to repentance. After all, Jesus died for Trudeau too. So I would encourage you to pray for Trudeau’s salvation. I believe he is a wounded man and there will be a time when he will be very broken. Let’s pray that during his time of brokenness, he will humble himself before the Lord, understand he is dearly loved by a heavenly Father, repent and be changed in Christ.



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