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“The Calamities and the Fiery, False Flag Events Shall Kick Off Soon.” – Holy Spirit Wind

Holy Spirit Wind

“The Calamities and the Fiery, False Flag Events Shall Kick Off Soon.”

Received 11-4-18

The time of Satan’s wrath is upon you and he goes about ever more frantically because he knows his time is short. Nothing shall be turned back now but shall speed up and become more intense and this shall be the way it shall go until the end of the age. The calamities and the fiery, false flag events shall kick off soon.

Many events shall take place, getting successively more destructive. Rejoice that the time has been cut short for the sake of My children! This time of relative peace, shall end suddenly and in a moment, the world as you know it, will cease to exist. Once this happens the seals will open like a string of lit firecrackers and the scroll shall be fully unrolled.

America, the immigrants are being sent to you as a test and as a distraction. How will you treat the innocent ones? Will you show them mercy, grace and love as I have shown you? Will you give food to the hungry and shelter to protect them from the elements? Yes, there are those mixed in that would cause harm and destruction but that will be lessened if you do as I would to the least of these. As you do unto them you do unto Me. As you are distracted by the immigrants, secret plans are being finalized that will ensure the destruction of Babylon the great, America.

America, your political solutions to your spiritual problems will not delay your judgment. In truth, either way that you vote you will be punished. One way will be quicker and one way will be more severe. Your current king was brought into office to begin your judgment but your former king shall return as the events proceed and finish it. He will oversee your destruction and then move on to his role as the leader of the ten kings. Barack Hussein Obama will be the flesh and blood manifestation of Satan on the Earth, just as I was the flesh and blood manifestation of My Father, the Most High God, El Elyon,YHVH. Obama shall be fully possessed by Satan after the kick-off. My children in America, you shall suffer persecution by his hand. Those who are not close to Me but call themselves “Christians” shall be persecuted the worst. Those who have kept themselves in intimate relationship and stayed holy before Me shall suffer the least. All will suffer some and some will be taken out of the midst of the evil into My presence and their suffering will be over. My remnant/bride will be given an extra anointing during this time even before the transformation.

The conspiracy to divide My land and My holy city, Jerusalem is also a concern for you America. I will judge those who divide My land! Your king will not suceed, he will be rejected but the beast that comes after shall confirm the covenant called the Oslo accords and it will be enforced. This I will not tolerate! My wrath will be poured out! America shall be divided!

I shall rule from My throne in Jerusalem this is why Satan wants My city so badly. I will never sit in a temple made by human hands but the beast will. Once again, watch the actions of Obama and the Pope for they are the first and second beasts and they do the will of their Father who is Satan.

These things are not far off!


Pray that you may be among the remnant that I will use you in the great harvest!

Your reward will be more than you can even dream!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach

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  1. Monica

    ERTHQUAKE? Eight with One (8,1) Los Angeles? 41000 Dead?

    Dear friends,

    Link to original article:
    41000 Dead !? Los Angeles!
    June 9 2017, Time: 4:15 early morning!

    I wish to thank to a reader, even if he is Anonymous, I wish to thank him forreminding me about this article “41000 Dead !? Los Angeles!”
    It seems that today’s article “Eight with one (8,1)”, is strongly related with Los Angeles, it’s about a possible earthquake of 8,1 in Los Angeles. It’s extremely sad and worrying.
    Only today I managed to decipher the article from June 9th 2017, with 41000 dead in Los Angeles. Today, after a year and a half since this article, this “Eight with One (8,1)” appeared. These 2 articles are related to each other, and only like this, the high number of dead can be accounted for.

    This is the article from Today:
    Link to original article:
    Eight with one (8,1)? Los Angeles!
    5th November 2018, time: 6:06 AM!
    My Darlings,
    This morning I hear a voice that says twice this number as well:

    “8 With one (8,1).
    After that the voice gets quiet for several long seconds and then I hear:
    My darlings, I do not know if this “eight with one”, means an 8,1 earthquake, nor if it is related to Los Angeles, because the name of the city was “transmitted” after tens of seconds.
    So, there can be 2 different situations in 2 totally different places.
    We might hear about Los Angeles, that something noticeable happened, and at the same time, we might hear about an 8,1 earthquake happened in a completely different country.
    Any possibility is viable.
    Let’s pray to the Good God and The Mother of God, that this “eight with one” means something else, not at all an earthquake that would be catastrophic, cause even if it would take place in the ocean, it would produce a huge TSUNAMI over the people living there.

    With Love, Maria!

    And here is the article from June 9th 2017, where I was writing about Los Angeles as well with the 41000 dead.
    Link to original article:
    41000 Dead !? Los Angeles!
    June 9 2017, Time: 4:15 early morning!

    My Darlings,
    This morning a voice woke me up, that said something earthshaking!
    Here is what the first voice said:

    “But have you been there?!”

    And another voice continued:

    “Yes! I was and there are 41000 dead.”

    And the voice continues:


    My darlings it’s more then earthshaking. What could happen to Los Angeles, that could result in 41000 dead?

    I don’t know what to say, I am so sad and I have tears in my eyes, only thinking that 41000 people will just vanish, in longer or shorter time frame.

    Like it is written from above, from the Good God.

    My darlings, lets pray together for our brothers and sisters from Los Angeles, but also for world peace. If the good God and The Holy Mary will receive our prayers, spoken with our hearts and not only with our lips, then we might have a chance that this disaster will not take place.

    Lets search to be better, more merciful, to strengthen our faith, to forgive those that do us wrong, to dress the naked and feed the hungry.

    Lets go to the holy church brothers, at least on Sundays to the Holy Mass, and to live with our hearts and souls the Holy and Sanctified Mass.

    Lets confess darlings, to our priest, to receive the Holy and Sanctified Eucharist (not sure if this is the word)

    So that the most merciful God and The Holy Mary will help us, Amin!

    With Love, Maria!

  2. Kathreen Margaret

    Thank you very much for this Word. And sharing.

    Important now that we draw even closer to the Lord.
    Holy is what we must strive to be.
    Without Holiness no one will see the Lord.
    Read the Bible Prayerfully alone,
    and with our Loved ones.
    We must confess our sins and repent daily
    to the Lord Jesus, Who Loves us.
    Remember that He has no favorites.

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