The building fell to the side – 변성환


The building fell to the side

March 27, 2022 5:25 PM

I had a dream this morning

There was a building on top of the tower, and the building fell to the side.

I was given the understanding that this would happen in 5 or 6 countries (Europe, Middle East, Africa?).

탑위에 있던 건물이 옆으로 떨어짐

오늘 아침에 꿈을 꿨는데

탑위에 건물이 있었는데 그 건물이 옆으로 떨어졌어요
5~6개 나라(유럽,중동,아프리카?)에 이런일이 있을것이라는 이해가 주어졌어요

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