The Bride & the Distracted – Cheryl Adama

The Bride & the Distracted
Cheryl Adama

I AM the ONLY Way, Truth & Life.  It is I AM that that is glorified and I warn this day over the prophetic word that has taken My place in many circles.  Know this!  These, for the most part, (end-time prophesies) are nothing more than cheap entertainment for bored believers who are having a hard time holding fast to the truth and My coming.  They have been led away into spiritual movie houses that will entertain their hearts of those who do not get their need and satisfaction from Me.  Satan is knowledgeable, and speaks very true things, but always will be deception that comes from his mouth no matter what may very well be true.  The following of these many messengers are spending all their time and thoughts on (prophesied) narratives and do not realize that the oil in their lamps are running out and some do not even know nor understand the importance of this.  They are not replenishing the oil, if in fact they even contain any oil, because they have been distracted in the many words of men/woman.  To replenish is to continuously be filled with My Spirit and this requires the walk of crucifixion, daily; in the emptying of Self, to accommodate and yield to the Spirit and Truth.   For when one does this, they lack for nothing and have need only of One.  They are not easily tempted to wander into those movie houses that are being broadcast on the world’s platforms and stages. But the distracted instead feed off of each other, and the spirit that they listen to will surely speak and congregate among them, and become their spiritual food they eat – which is no food of Mine.  I send lying spirits to all who desire their ears tickled.  Those who would stay in Christ, are those who will continuously have revelation of Jesus Christ – and are ones who will rest in the things to come for they will walk in the Spirit of the Living God.  They do not need to know what lies ahead upon this earthly realm apart from what has already been written.  What all who are Mine need – is found written in their hearts.  I do not cause confusion, and as you see, there is much back and forth and debate and contradiction among this community in dispute of this detail or that detail.  I AM perfect, and those who follow after Me, with all their hearts have My perfect peace and do not search for ‘words’ so they may know ‘truth’ and what to do by it.  This is earthly, sensual and stems from the demonic.  My wisdom is from above and never contradicts My Word and always gives peace to those who walk in it.  My Holy Spirit NEVER speaks of anything else but the glory of the Son of God who became a man and died for all so all may live.  My Holy Spirit NEVER speaks of His own accord and will always point all to the Son of God, Savior of mankind and soon and coming King. 

Zeal is a dangerous thing in the hands of those who would not let Me be the zeal in one’s heart.  My bride has this, a zeal for Me and My coming and she does not waste her time in listening to stories to make them her food for the day.  I AM her food, I AM her entertainment and her devotion.  She seeks only to learn more of Me and makes time to commune to Me.  She need not be warned as you see so much of in these so called prophesy’s.  She is diligent in being humble before Me and easily repents through My Spirit’s conviction and she is hidden in Me.  She makes it her aim to share with others Me.  Who I AM in what I have done so others may receive Me and become My Bride as well. She suffers long with those who are weak, and who are babes and who are spiritually dying so they too may know I AM – and will love Me as I love.  

Jesus is coming for His Bride.  Who is she?  She is a woman who daily looks at herself in the mirror (the Word) and tests herself against it.  As she sees a blemish or spot, she quickly washes it with the Word and walks in its truth – and is clean.  She continuously sits at her Master’s feet, giving to Him her heart and receiving His.  She listens to Him in all that He says and she goes out to do what He tells her.  Her joy is sharing with others, her true love and how they too can be counted as His.  She regularly meets with all who are His and they rejoice together in His name, anywhere and everywhere.  She is always ready to share a word in due season of the hope that is in her.  She brings to her Master the hurt in this world and never takes it upon herself, for she knows this would soil her dress and crush her – and she would not be ready for His coming.  She always keeps watch for His coming and never loses hope that He is coming for her for because He is faithful, she too is faithful and will wait (and not allow herself to be distracted) for as long as it takes and will not give up.  Related:  Seek Not the Prophet

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