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Hope InHim

06/23/17 – The Bride

Times are coming that are rough. My Bride will see many things, many things she wished she didn’t have to look upon, but with joy she will return to Me. She began here; she originated in Heaven, sealed here with My kiss. Her history has always been known from the beginning and now it is known here at the end as well.

Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I Am among them. She started in Heaven with Me, we were the two. And now she is coming back as My Bride, no longer a child. Many things have been learned in your world by My Bride but chief among them is that I Am her Husband. She understands now who I Am, and who she will become; part of a Royal couple.

Do you know the depth of feeling I have for her? She is My responsibility so believe Me when I say no harm will come to her. Trust in Me and know My love is everlasting, same as the beginning as it is here at the end.

When I arrive it will be time to come Home. I will meet with her in the clouds and whisk her away. Nevermore will she be sad as she will forget all things of sorrow.

The morrow is nigh for this to happen. Events come even quicker now as labor pains. Watch for Me, watch the skies and feel My heart. You will know when I Am close.

Love forever and ever,


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