Feb 8, 2020
Loveth Nwokeohuru

I had a dream where many women gathered together, and we were informed that a groom was coming to choose a wife for himself, that all of us should get ready to welcome the groom.

We were told to prepare ourselves, look good and neat for the bride, so that when he comes he will select who would be his wife.

So the preparation began, others were getting ready, I myself I was supposed to be getting ready, but something happened that I wasn’t preparing.

Other girls were done bathing and dressing up and they were all waiting for the groom.

So I was outside, ( can’t remember what I was doing)

But my eyes were fixed on the road, immediately I saw the groom in a beautiful but very simple car.

The car wasn’t a luxurious one, the groom was tall, brown skinned, not light, a bit dark, had an afro hair, very young and handsome. Had a very very gentle.

So it happened that I was the first to see the groom since I was outside.

Immediately I saw the groom, I shouted the groom is here the groom is here…I was excited and at the same time worried, because I had not yet dressed up.

So I started running to go take a shower and then get prepared for the groom.

Immediately I entered the room where all the girls were seated all dressed up.

I came in and pleaded with them that none of them should open the shower room, because it was like a bedsitter, the shower room was inside the room.

I pleaded that they shouldn’t open the door so that the bride groom wouldn’t know that I was still preparing.

They all agreed.

But immediately the bride groom entered the room, one girl stood up and came straight to the shower room and opened the door, and started yelling at me ” are you still here dressing up, when the groom is already here”?

She was just ranting and ranting…

I was so sad…and betrayed, i felt humiliated and that the bride groom wouldn’t select me because of my weakness, and my inability to get ready on time.

But as of when she opened the shower room, I was done bathing and was dressing up.

So I quickly came out looking very beautiful and radiant, simple and putting on descent clothes.

When the other girls saw me, they were kind of jealous.

Especially the first girl who came to open the door to expose my weakness.

She was so proud of herself, she felt she was the perfect person and that she deserved to be the groom’s wife.

She carried the bride groom, and kept him at one corner and was attending to him alone; whereas, it was supposed to be all of us attending to him, and then he will choose who he wants.

This lady was just all over the place, and claiming to be perfect.

So immediately she left, the bridegroom stood up from where she had asked him to sit, and walked down to me and held my hand.

Then the bridegroom said ” I can’t marry someone who is so proud


And so full of herself”.

” I want someone who is humble, down to earth, and not arrogant ”

So it was as if the bride groom had chosen me, or would choose me when the time comes, this I felt in my Spirit in the dream.

Then we were just walking around and discussing then I woke up.


The Groom is CHRIST

The women are Christians.

We were to prepare ourselves, it was a time to build good character.

The arrogant and proud woman represents arrogant and proud Christians who think that they are perfect and made righteous by their own strength.

She came and opened the door to expose the weakness of her fellow bride to be, this represents a class of Christians who like to expose the weakness of their fellow Christians, castigate them criticize them and make them feel unworthy of making heaven.

The woman who didn’t prepare on time represents the class of Christians who are struggling with heavenly race, and do not feel that they are righteous out of their own strength, but relied on the mercy of God to see them through.

They hide themselves under the umbrella of Christ, they are not proud, arrogant or claim to be holier than thou.

They are as weak as a Sheep who only rely on the Shepherd for help, provision and protection.

They’re as humble as a sheep, and they watching out for the arrival of the bridegroom, even though they were not perfect but they were eagerly waiting for his coming.

The Bridegroom left the arrogant woman and went for the humble woman.

This shows that Christ is only coming for the meek and lowly, the humble, simple and descent woman; not a woman with a proud look.

Many Christians will be disappointed, because Christ is only coming for a humble, Church, a descent Church, a church that relies on the righteousness of Christ and admit to her weakness and is ready to make amends to meet up to the standard of Christ.

He is only coming for his true sheep.

This is my on level of interpretation.

Anyone who understands better should please help with the interpretation thanks.

We really need to start preparing seriously, maybe we are not doing enough.



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