The Breaking Point! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Breaking Point!


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America where is your shield of protection? Where are your Watchmen who watch in the night? Where are your Prophets who stand in the courts of authority? I will tell you this day, they are sleeping dogs-who play the part, but have “no warnings” within them! They are for show, puppets on display. They entertain but never intervene! Their counsel is corrupt (because) their souls are corrupted with gain! I sent them not, yet they were chosen to speak words of silk and seduction. These puppets mutter and speak dark sayings and dark counsel. Where are My Standard Bearers? Where is My Voice among the nations? Have you left your post as well? Raise up My Remnant, those of you in the Cave of Adullam (1 Samu2l:22), hidden for this hour, the best saved for the last! Behold I will do a new thing-for the time is short. A quick work will I perform, for in 3 days, I will revive My work. For in 3 days I will show My Glory, for it was in 3 days that I raised My Son to life, so shall I raise My Church up with new life, new anointing’s, and new vision, and you will see the victory side of defeat! (Hosea 6:2) You will behold what true sacrifice and true consecration is. For I will give unto those who overcome a new name and a garment of praise! (Revelation 2:17-3:12, Revelation 7:9-17) But will I find true faith when I return?  Your testimony will reveal your reward!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Isaiah 24&25)

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  1. Is Ben teaching that the 3 Days of Darkness is false?

  2. I dont think so

  3. Tim

    Everyone looks at the physical – we need to look at the SPIRITUAL. This is why Jesus repeatedly said “eyes to see” and “ears to hear”, because He knew that we would miss the higher spiritual truths for the lower physical manifestations. This is why Jehovah said “My ways are higher than your ways”.

    When Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, he experienced physical darkness, and this motivated him to do God’s will and speak to the people of Nineveh – and they repented.

    After Jesus’ death on the cross, God resurrected Him after three days and nights. During this time, Jesus was in the “belly of the earth”, and it was during this time that many of the graves were opened, and many bodies of the saints arose, and went out into the city. It was a time of spiritual darkness for the disciples and for his followers, but His great light awakened many of the dead in the spiritual realm.

    Today, many are looking for “lights out darkness” – EMPs, power outages, Niburu eclipsing the sun – you name it, and the theory is out there somewhere. On a small scale, some of these things could certainly happen, for every jot and tittle must be fulfilled. But the true darkness is “spiritual darkness” – man’s evil thoughts and deeds, our hatred of our fellow man, our corruption (personal, institutional and governmental), our sinful lifestyles, etc, etc.

    Basically, we are “missing the forest for all the trees.”


    Brother Tim

  4. Chijioke

    Of course noooo. The Lord is cementing the 3 three days of darkness for the Pharisees amongst us. Those of us who do not want to see pain, disaster or Gods judgments in any form will do anything to feel comfortable. Lets be prepared as the days of great shaking is upon us and we must be READY for the harvest and subsequent in-gathering of the Saints.
    Remember in the first coming of our Lord the torah
    wielding Pharisees missed him, why? they held onto those scriptures that sooth their feelings. The Lord has told sudden destruction comes upon them when they say peace and safety and they will not escape. No destruction is peaceful so lets get prepared. This divine HIT is to get the worlds attention, if not life goes on as usual…. Something MUST give way. The WORLD’S SHERIFF IS IN TOWN. Be warned, be prepared as well

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