The Boldness of The Remnant in These Last Days – Let No One Destroy Your Destiny! – Monique Bizet

The Boldness of The Remnant in These Last Days – Let No One Destroy Your Destiny!

Jan 1, 2020 9:49 PM
Monique Bizet


Hi brothers and sisters

This is a prophetic dream the Lord gave me about the remnant and how powerful God will move in these last days.  It’s is a message of hope and encouragement for 2020, in the verge of war and hardtimes ahead, the Lord will move mightily in those who know their God and do great exploits as it tells us in Dan 11.  In the midst of suffering persecution God will strengthen us and be with us always.


Much love in Christ to all


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  1. Nathalie

    Dear Monique,

    Praise Yah, and peace on you.

    Have you got a transcript ? I cannot play the video….

    Thank you for all your prophecies. Be blessed every brothers and sisters.

  2. Brian Orlovsky

    Sister Monique,
    Very powerful! Thank you for sharing! You reminded me that those who are not committed to the Lord are the ones who must worry about the Judgements! We all should have fear in our Lord, but what we incorporate daily are the things the Lukewarm think that “I went to church on Sunday’ I worshiped for this week!”
    People are about to have a “Bible Burn Day” the prize goes to the one with the most bibles! It’s just so sad that they are completely infatuated by Satan and his Demons!
    They don’t believe that there is a Hell and an Eternity. I pray for these folks, they haven’t a clue of what Satan’s plans are for them! Satan’s been a liar and murderer from the start.
    ALL GLORY to Jesus Christ! Our Lord of all Lords and King of all Kings!

  3. Hello Monique, I just started listening to your messages. In fact you have another one I am going to listen to soon on Deadly Distractions That Come To Sabotage Your Life and The Calling of God . Sister you are right on it!!! I love your spirit and fire for the Lord it is beautiful an refreshing!! Jesus I pray send more disciples forth the harvest is plenty but the workers are few more is needed in Jesus Mighty Name!! Please check us out. Where are you located? May the Lord bless you and watch over you and your family dear sister. God bless you 🙂 Dawn~

    I feel led by the Holy Spirit to write a broad letter to God’s Prophetic Servants that God has been speaking to. We are moving closer to what the Lord is going to be doing here in America and around the world. I have sent several of letters to the White House and President Donald Trump warning them of what is coming to the United States of America and the World. We are about to witness a Major Shaking!

    We are seeing swarms of earthquakes on the 5 dangerous fault lines on the Ring of Fire. Large earthquakes in Alaska and Oregon close to 6.0. We will see even larger ones. I have called Franklin Graham Ministries, Fox News, a local station talking to them about Hurricane Dorian we just had here in Florida.

    I have left several of warnings with Aveda King Ministries which she is on President Donald Trump’s prayer team, placed warnings on the White House Website, Donald Trump’s Twitter page, also I have sent several of warnings to Vice President Mike Pence’s secretary and others.



    On 12-5-17 The Holy Spirit gave me this vision: I saw a vision of a baby being shaken that was asleep. Then I looked up baby being shaken and I got this. WHAT IS SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME? Dr. Robert Reece provided one definition of shaken baby syndrome (also called the shaken impact syndrome). He described the syndrome as “the constellation of signs and symptoms resulting from violent shaking or shaking and impacting the head of an infant or small child.”

    We are about to see a great big revival touching others with the love of Jesus. God wants to save as many as possible before the return of Christ. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. God needs more of us in these last days to get in line with what he is doing. Something new is about to take place in Churches around the world. You can feel it in the air. A New Season is here and now!

    As of right now my husband and I are hidden behind closed doors. Soon we will share our testimonies with the world. We have been under severe attack, oppression from the enemy because the anointing is getting stronger. We are fighting spiritual forces and have to pull down principalities. There is a dark cloud that has been hanging over America. The Holy Spirit told me back in March that “A Jesus Movement is About To Begin!” Praise the Lord!

    Below I have listed our websites. On our your tube page is where you can read Prophetic Words I have shared and I speak. You will also find poetry I write, words of encouragement, some teachings and some news.

    If you could please keep our ministry “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner, my husband Daniel, me & family in prayer right now I would really appreciate your prayers!!

    Love & Prayers,

    Prophetess Dawn O’brien
    Servant of the Lord

    Hello, My Name Is Dawn O’brien And I Am The Founder Of “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner”, A Ministry That Reaches Out To The Community/World With The Love Of Jesus. I Personally Understand What It Feels Like To Go Through A Mishap In Your Own, Personal Life And Feel Like You Have No Hope. In 2000, I Was In A Dangerous Automobile Accident Which Left Me With Catastrophic Consequences. Being That I Almost Died In An Automobile Accident, I Had A Severe Skull Fracture And Neurological Damage To The Brain. Brain Surgery Had To Be Performed Immediately Because I Was Bleeding Heavily On The Right Side Of My Brain. Now, I Reach Out To Others Sharing My Testimony Of How I Survived This Horrific Car Accident Through Communication In Schools, Homeless Shelters, Jails, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, & Various Places Of Need. We Will Bring Support & Encouragement To The Disabled, Hurting, Lonely, Neglected, Poverty-Stricken, Troubled Teens, Men, Women, & Children Of Every Race.

    I Have Written Several Books Soon To Be Published. A Book Called, “No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper” Is A Powerful Book That Will Come Out Shortly. It Includes My Testimony Of The Car Accident And Tells The Amazing Power Behind All That I Can Do. I Am A Walking Miracle! My Gifts Are To Teach God’s Word To The Body Of Christ Making Disciples, Pray For The Sick, A Strong Prophetic Gift That God Has Been Preparing To Send Out To The Nation Of America And Encourage The Body Of Christ. I Share Poetry That I Write Like David In The Psalms To Edify The Saints. We Are Living In A Day And Age That Is Changing Very Quickly. People Need To Be Encouraged And Discipled In The Lord. I Told The Lord Years Ago, “Send Me!” We Are Living In The Last Days. God Is Getting Ready To Do Something New In All The Churches In America. Revival Is Here And We Are In A New Season!

    Check Out Our Website At http://www.dawnsheartfeltcorner.org And See All That We Are Doing!

    Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner
    P.O. Box 161273
    Altamonte Springs, Fl 32716



    Like Our Fan Page- http://Www.Facebook.Com/Fanpagedawnsheartfeltcorner





    Love & Blessings To You In Christ,

    Servants Of The Lord Daniel And Dawn O’brien And The Ministry Of “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner”

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