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Apeil 22, 2024 5:29 PM
Yankee Gal

April 22, 24′

My children; most are asleep. They are consumed with the world and all of its ways. For many their love has grown cold. Sadden the fruits are mostly of a divided church that does not agree on anything. Rather than my Word they hold to their opinions and doctrines. They can talk about anything in the world but they cannot fellowship or share scripture or my love. They have fallen away to the idols of self love, importance and self worship.

I have tarried long with them. They have been an infant on milk and most have never been on the meat of the word. Many confront other believers questioning them and the discernment I give them. They cast doubt on my anointed. Badly have they treated those I have sent to warn them, guide and instruct them. They do not want to change. They want to remain in the Fowler’s snare, reveling in their carnality rather than turn and seek me.

Soon the land will become desolate: you will yearn for others to come together with, to fellowship with, to pray with. For most it will be gone. The day is long spent and shadows are cast across the land. The light has dimmed and my people are asleep. Their lamps are dark, the light is blown out.

I will only come for mine that are without spot or wrinkle, only for those who paid the ultimate price of obedience not sacrifice. I will come for those who made me Lord of their lives. The time is at hand and few are seeking me. Soon Destruction, Judgment will be poured out on the just and unjust alike in this land and elsewhere. I will only come for the wise not foolish virgins. I am a God of Justice and I have balance. Now I shall come forth as such. Get your house in order.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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