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THE BLOOD MOON – Daniel Masika


September 10, 2021 8:53 PM
Daniel Masika

Greetings and Blessing Family On 444 Prophecy News

While few Days Now i have had Huge Conviction for Prayers , After long Time of Praying in spirit and Pleading with God in Repentance for the Whole Nations ,and seeking the Lord to Have Mercy On what is Coming on Earth , That God will Remember the Price the Lamb Paid that God will sent healing and Conviction Through His spirit for Repentance from the Leaders ,presidents, and Churches and and every bondman, and every free man to Come on Their Kneels in Repentance and have their souls Delivered and receive Life in all nations

-Then In the Middle of Prayers i saw something that Disturbed me so much, On the Border of Mexico to USA It Come Darkness Like a rocket That Come through Mexico and Fast Fly and Stood on the Sky of Miami and California with Orlando, when I asked the Lord about the Dark Cloud as a rocket That Come through Mexico, He said to me Pray for the Enemy is Planning Major attack against USA, and The Lord said The Spirit in the Dark Cloud as a rocket is hungry for Blood, then I saw Certain Food which was on shelves it Looked Exactly as Corn Beef, But everyone That eat it was Very sick and Others Died in Vomiting Blood , Please Im Calling everyone to Pray over This!!!! Then I saw Blood Moon appeared on Above USA But it was Visible all Over the World which scared Many People , and The Angel said Its the Time of the Evening Light , But Everyone its a call to repentance

-Then The Lord Told me Proceeding ,Kenya Kenya, Kenya My Altar is Defiled and Witcraft Must be Removed in My Place , You have Opened the Door to the Enemy, Them That have the Key have Given Satan Power over my Altar , You have been my Chosen servant to Bring Healing and Good news to cause spreading fire of all over the World ,But Now the strange Fire from Jezebel is Burning on my Altar in the Church of Kenya, I will slain the Generation of Eli and the Jezebel Sons and Daughter Unless their Repent and Turn off the strange Fire, and allow the Holy spirit Flames Come in , Kenya its Time to Turn back to God (Rev 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent)
Much Love


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