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October 29, 2021 12:28 PM
Terri Hennessey

October 29,2021 10:30AM

Daughter write My words,

Daughter the blasts are coming. It is all coming. All you ask and pray for is coming. My timing is impeccable; My ways are perfect and My children will understand My ways, entirely, when they are here with Me. Until then, I ask My Bride, My Remnant to trust Me. Trust Me like you trust that your car will start, like you trust that water will flow from your taps, that the light will come on when you flick the switch. With great expectancy, you trust in these things. Trust in Me the same way. There are many factors involved in My timing and this is why I ask My Bride to always be ready at any moment so that they are not needing to be one of the factors I must consider. Nothing that will come, comes without My hand being upon it. Some will say “God would never do that”, “God would never allow this to happen”, but how else do I wake the dead? They are so asleep, they are like the dead. You can send fireworks into their ears, you can have bombs going off before them and they don’t even blink. This is how asleep this world is and it is going to take My perfect plan to move these dead ones and bring them back to the land of the living; My land. Trust in My timing, trust in My ways children and pray that those who wake up will wake up with the understanding that the end of the Rule of Man is closing and My Kingdom Reign is upon ALL. Pray they humble their hearts in repentance and salvation finds them, for they will deny what is happening because they are so far removed from Me; they will not understand this is My hand at work. All of those who protest over climate change, I laugh at your efforts for you do not realize that all the ‘changes’ in this world are by My hand to wake you up. These events, disasters and changes are here as a result of My Destroyer. Wake up and protest the hardness of your heart; protest the pride that has seeped into your hearts and understand your so-called climate change is indeed My Judgement on this evil, sin-soaked world. My hand is in all and I AM in control of all that happens. Pray for the evil in this world to be exposed and it shall be. I love you My children but you are stubborn and hard hearted, you think only of yourselves for this is indeed the generation of ‘Self’. I say: Love each other; help each other. Stop pointing your finger at others and remove the beam from your own eye and you will see clearly that you have lost your way. Love is the answer children; the answer to all your problems and questions, and change needs to take place within your own hearts before you will see the change you long for in the earth. I call ALL to repentance. Come before Me, humble yourselves and repent, with tears of sincerity and contrition. I will hear you, My compassion will pour down upon you and I will bring the healing you desire. Please children, do this now; I AM calling and calling. Here my pleas, for the judgements are about to be unleashed and I long to save you, that you will not perish.

Your loving Father and Creator of ALL.

FYI…I could feel a sense of desperation in His words. He truly longs for none to perish. Please turn to God now and repent before it’s too late.

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