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The Black Horse – Ruth Johnson

The Black Horse

Nov 16, 2019, 11:51 AM
Ruth Johnson

The Lord has been pressing upon me to submit the one with the black horse, it seems significant now, time to store food?

My Prayer

O, my Lord Jehovah,
Please incline your ear
To your servant,
I know You are near.
I cry from hungry heart!
I do not know where to start!
Please free my mind!
Do not leave me behind!
Whatever You do,
Take me with You!
I am getting distracted,
Demons are attracted
To the likes of me
Who yearns to be free.
I am not the only one
Longing for the real sun,
Woodland meadows,
Buzzing bees,
Lazy brooks,
No dirty looks.
The fires, my Lord!
The sheer devastation!
The terror, the helplessness
Soon to grip the nation!
Not only mine, but all!
O, my Lord, hear my call!
I know you say You will protect me,
But what about them?

O, my darling daughter,
I have heard your cry,
I know you do not wonder why.
It must be done
To gain the sun
I AM the One
Who brings the rain.

O, my Lord, I know these things
You are speaking true
But I feel so bad for them!
What are they going to do?

The ones will save the others,
The sisters and the brothers,
Unscathed, uncaged,
A harvest like no other!
Food is sparse there on earth,
The black horse
Has tightened its girth.
Do not harm the olive oil
And the wine.
It is time.
Speak, My child.

O my precious Father!
I do not know why You bother
With the likes of me.
I think bad thoughts
About my fellow man,
I am blunt and short-tempered,
Like I am racing across the land!
I long to slow down, Lord,
I long to hear You,
The Spirit is quickening
Making things clear.
I long to see You, Lord,
In all that I do, and never lose You
And stray out of fear!

O, My child, do not be afraid,
I need you right now
To be very brave.
I know you are,
You are just breaking down,
You have made your burden heavy
You must put it down.
You need to be bringing
Singing and joy!
Rejoice at My coming
Put sorrow away!
I AM aware of your hunger
I Love you so much.
And no, you will not drink
From their dungy cup!

Thank You, my Lord,
In Jesus’s Name

Revelation 6:5-6, 17:4
Matthew 11:25-29
Luke 21:25-28

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