The bitter cup is broken – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

July 23 2018

Beloveds whom eagerly await me REJOICE for the hour has come. Lean not on your own understanding in all ways acknowledge ME and I shall direct your path. For many of my own the path right now is narrow and thorn filled. Bloody and broken.
Many are the afflictions you have suffered. Drawing you into me. ALL THAT I HAVE begun in you I AM BRINGING INTO COMPLETION. The pains and losses are a reflection of MY own. And I share with you ALL I AM and ALL I HAVE. The bitter cup is broken.. The gall has dried up. Behold new wine skins. Sip the sweetest wine now MY BELOVEDS. The sweetest honey. The milk flows freely bringing healing and nourishment to all dry and weary bones. How I AM moved by the prayers..cries and suffering of so MANY. How I mourn and travail. How I AM pained to be delivered!…Yes beloveds my creation groans as the birth pains increase and intensify with consistency. With each contraction deliverance is imminent. For there is MUCH to be revealed to you. For now you see through the glass dimly yet in an instant you shall see Crystal clear ALL that is before you. For soon this longing shall be met with the promise. I have prepared a place that where I AM you may be also. I have prepared GREAT GIFTS…ENDLESS treasures in which I AM PREPARED AND LONG TO PRESENT YOU. I hear the cries of the oppressed…suppressed and depressed. The weary sighs have opened MY door. In my love and mercy I AM COME down. IN my JUSTICE IS MY ARM RAISED. VENGANCE IS MINE BELOVEDS. I WILL REPAY. Enter into my chamber. For you are all together lovely. YOU are BREATHTAKING. My redeemed. My ransomed. MY BELOVED BRIDE. MY DELIGHTS. I have said in one hour …in the twinkling of an eye it ALL changes and thus it is so. I AM NOT A MAN THAT I WOULD LIE. The beast system shall collapse on the earth. The beast shall be stripped…beaten and broken. Tattered and torn before all to see. Exposed for the deceiver it is. And shall be punished accordingly. The beast has fallen…Has fallen. Smoke is seen rising unto the heavens. Rejoice my loves for I can no longer hold back for the hour of deliverance has come. With GREAT pain shall new life emerge. Gone are the cries of sorrow as the cry of new life resounds. Great GLORY…GREAT JOY. I long for the fruit of my labor. To you I say WATCH…for in an hour you expect not I come. As in the days of Noah. As it is today….so shall the coming of the son of man be. I have come to that you may have life and have it more abundantly. I too desire to dwell among you and I shall. I shall be your God and you my beloveds are my people. Fear not little flock for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Many are the mansions. A white stone..A new name.


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