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The Beginning of Something We have never Encountered in America – Bette Stephens

The Beginning of Something We have never Encountered in America

May 7, 2020
Bette Stephens

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hello everyone and thank you for tuning
into a servant’s heart I just wanted to
come to you quickly as we continue Bible
prophecy and today this one is titled
the beginning of something we have never
encountered in America and so these
prophecies are coming to pass very
quickly and mine and the Lord has given
me a time period to get them out and so
here they are this was given to me
October the 5th of 2015 the beginning of
something we have never encountered in
America so I’m going to begin the word
and then I’m going to give you some
scriptures that you can check out for
yourself as with all things take to
prayer go to the Holy Spirit for
and make sure that you have a personal
relationship an intimate relationship
with Christ so here we go now when I was
given this the Lord had been speaking to
me quite a lot back in that time and so
so many things were beginning to be
taking place and write written up so
that again like many things they’ve
already been in writing signed sealed
ready to go they don’t have to take time
to sign it and get it up it’s already
there and waiting so here we go the
abomination of desolation these are the
words and the things he gave me secret
meetings being done secret rituals
having already taken place many American
citizens will be slaughtered and the
river of blood will flow just as many in
Israel will be slaughtered many will
to realize from my word that if I the
Lord did not intercede then all of
mankind would be wiped out and then back
when I received this it was the first of
October that my husband and I as we were
getting ready for bed
there was a heavy darkness that came
over a whole place and I’d never never
felt anything it came over every place
in a room and it was just like tar just
like tar it was so deep and it was so
dark and as I was feeling this and
seeing it I jumped up I ran out of the
room and I said to my husband I said I
know what this is this is the spiritual
darkness that is going to fall upon the
earth this is the darkness that we’re in
right now and it’s accelerating at that
time we had to do some spiritual warfare
I mean very serious warfare because it
was it wasn’t a good feeling and I even
went in to prayer mode and asked others
to pray as well it came in my spirit
very strongly that these words and this
type would be coming against our
nation’s and that it was morning for
believers to armor up and be ready this
was going to be the beginning of
something that we had never encountered
in America a vision then was given to me
as an interpretation of a word I
received toward the end of that
September in 2015 which is as follows as
I went to sleep I heard a loud shot go
off it was very loud but it was no shot
it was an EMP attack in America was
being fired upon this they came out of
many people did not even have a chance
to engage in the warfare because it came
so quick and unexpected
quickly it changed then I was taken
above the USA and I saw devastation like
I’d never seen before it was a war zone
blood-soaked bodies of men women and
children were lying in the streets
buildings were blown away by then there
was no electricity the waters were
bloody red and I mean everywhere just
like some people have seen over the few
years they’d seen red waters the food
was very contaminated you couldn’t eat
any of it and at that time there were
very few sources of food
I saw many ghost-like towns and evil
throughout the land was corrupt it
seemed to have no end it went on and on
no matter where I look these were quick
I mean it was like things were happening
one in us one I saw something here in
one place then it was another one so
that these were things that were not
letting up they were accelerating as I
said I said before then I saw battalions
ready for battle that was another one
army brigades if you will some were
dressed like Knights like the battles
and Wars of long ago history was
repeating itself over and over again
okay next one this is like I said these
are going 1 2 3 just quickly all over it
was like I was being shown all over the
US then I saw a man’s face bawd amira
putin he was smiling but with a calm and
a determined look like that of a chef
child cap who planned his moves wisely
and his strategies with skill then I saw
buildings with foreclosure signs another
one another window as if I may call it
that these were different intervals
different scenes but then I saw
buildings with foreclosure signs torn
out windows chain lock doors and signs
that read keep out these that had once
been church buildings they were now
nothing then next thing I saw skies
opening but the color and the noise
so loud then a man appeared with other
men and in startling colored robes
smiling people were just gazing upward
they were drawn almost like magnets then
I heard it’s not him it’s not him it’s a
fake but people were oblivious to the
cries and their zeal to be taken and
what they thought was the real rapture
but it was actually a false one some
people were trampled on and killed some
were pushed and thrown to one side this
was a false rapture then the vision
moved quickly and it was over now those
were several scenarios or themes that
were given to me all at the same time I
went went from one to another one would
end the next one would begin in
conjunction with this vision and all
these visions and words
whoa hallelujah other warnings have come
for a very long time from the scriptures
from the profits from messengers from
dreams visions in the spirit visitations
from the Lord yet does anyone really
listen see I said that way back in 2015
just like today is anyone really caring
is anyone really listening and then I
heard the Lord say this I have commanded
you to be holy as I am holy and to live
as I have lived can this be done yes as
you anchor yourself in my word as you
set aside a day and time every day to be
alone with me as you set aside time to
pray and fast and be determined in your
mind to do this I have seen this in very
few I am God and I will not be mocked
there is a time now when all is at hand
and must be fulfilled talking about
today there is a time when those that
are holy will be holy and
that our merchants will remain
unrighteous let your decision be made
now talking about today again I have
already come down from heaven and have
seen the truth as to what has taken
place on earth the Lord is moving about
he is working even now no longer shall I
give my hand to protection on a nation
and nations that rise against me and
evil no longer will I call you blessed
your abominations far exceed the limits
of tempting me let me go on hmm he
continued right there for what my word
says and tell the people and in the
first day there shall be a holy
convocation and in the seventh day there
shall be a holy convocation to you
no man of work shall be done and them
say that which every man must eat that
only may be done you may also follow up
with Leviticus 23 – and numbers 28 26
and these scriptures are going to be you
you can if you want to go over them you
can catch them in the website also you
may can read I said in Leviticus 23 –
two three numbers 28 – 26 and then he
continues tell the people abortion your
unholy alight a legion – an unholy
nation USA same-sex marriage and the
rainbow my covenant and your drawback
from my nation of Israel these are hun
Holy abominations tell my tell the
people that punishment and judgment will
come now and in the days to come
I will avenge whom I will avenge and
have mercy on whom I will have mercy
because of your own speculations your
own opinions do you think you can make
them happen the skies will fall the
earth will shake and every knee will bow
and every tongue will acknowledge me as
Lord and Savior do not put your trust in
what is coming when who or what is being
said not all of it will happen like so
many think many of you think you have it
all figured out you use my word as a
tool to cause others to stumble I call
you fools
don’t you know only I can make it happen
don’t you know it is not over until I
say it is do not try and figure all this
out in your home minds but occupy and
bring the full counsel to the lowly the
unlovely the unreachable and the least
of these you yearn to be taken up but
yet have you occupied and done as I have
asked too many think only of themselves
and do not care about others yet
everyone do I see the gospel will reach
across this diamond and Nations
and every word will be fulfilled before
my coming are you sure that your lamp is
filled then you may want to read
proverbs 6 verses 16 through 19 these
abominations have already reached their
limit the Lord Almighty
is ready to spew out his judgments on
the world like never before
humble yourself before he has to do it
for the Lord thy God is a consuming fire
even a jealous God that will be
Deuteronomy 4 24
although Deuteronomy 3225 also second
Corinthians 13:5 the above scriptures
means to examine or look at yourself are
we counterfeits are we genuine believers
or fakes retro baits comes from the
Greek word a turkey meal which means
fakes will we know who is genuine and
who isn’t
you may also read revelation 20 to 10 to
11 and here are the key points that came
into my spirit after this God will never
leave us nor forsake us if we are truly
a born-again believer this is a heads up
to start spending ample quality serious
time alone with the Lord for the times
ahead each of us must examine ourselves
and check ourselves by confessing and
talking to the Lord daily and working
out our own salvation with fear and
trembling we must use our spiritual
armor and do warfare much power is
lacking in the churches today because
nothing is taught about this we leave
ourselves wide open to spiritual attacks
some to which we are not aware I leave
this open that has a body of believers
we need to be disciple going out to the
unloved abort to those that need to know
all of us want to go home but again but
again the Lord is asking us to occupy
and do these things whatever way and
wherever you can and however it’s set up
to be able to do so remember where we
came from remember originally where we
came from how we were before God came
and we gave our lives to him how did we
hear about Jesus in the same way other
people need a chance to hear as well God
is going to purify his church and put it
back to its original order please take
and I have fed to the Lord and I’m going
to make a stand here because I have
known God has told me you know we have
to decide who we are going to serve and
stand because right now today
this word is a just a part part of many
things that the Lord has given me but
I’m going to say this we see all this
God is looking at every sin God is
looking at every life he knows and as
well aware of what is going on down here
what’s going on in his church the
the falseness the perverted Gospels that
perverted teaching of who God is truly
and if and now we have Satan who has
risen up to bring about the different
pestilence and all these things that are
coming up on the earth why because the
Lord said he wants to Sheamus he wants
to bring us down he wants us to doubt
and fear he wants us to be ashamed of
who we are of the gospel and it doesn’t
help any when you go out or even when
you’re on the internet or wherever you
are and people falsely accuse you
they make mockery of you they’re
skeptical they gossip they do all these
things it’s a back and forth thing
there’s no it keeps going on and on and
God sees all this and we wonder why when
we are being pitted against each other
in the church why the church is not able
to function as it should so this is what
I say and I’m saying this and I hope the
powers to be understand my humbleness
but at the same time my sincerity
especially over this about being shamed
here is my stand with christ the messiah
yahushua hamashiach i will not be shamed
into bowing down to satan which comes in
many ways Satan is trying to
of the people to bow down to him to stop
living for Christ to get weary to doubt
to get angry and I’m saying for myself
not speaking for anyone else everyone
has a free choice I will not be shamed
into bowing to Satan or into giving in I
will not I will not and if you want to
know some of God’s power you can also
check out Isaiah chapter 40 verses 12 to
31 these were the verses given to me
after this isaiah 42 verses 8 to 9 and
isaiah 43 verses 18 to 19 and what i
want to say is also god has been given
me the the words that the path is
narrowing in other words the gate is
very narrow now so many are not finding
it so that means we need to be seeing
who we are with who we are allowing in
our lives
who we are going to allow to come come
into our homes our churches our even our
places of worship whatever it is who’s
going to be friends because some of them
are truly besieged with a lot of baggage
baggage which in this hour we’re not
going to be able to take care of we
can’t get so deeply involved in
everybody’s life that we end up getting
off what God has for us that doesn’t
mean we don’t pray or that we stop
talking to them but it means we cannot
get deceived nor can we get distracted
in this hour and that since the path is
nearing that means the people brothers
and sisters whoever may be loving family
or not we have to be very careful we’re
may have to disconnect for many people
from many videos from many Christian
meetings and organizations even on
YouTube you know God said it’s it’s
narrow we’ll have to be
careful now because words that are being
spoken the Lord said are being just
given out there and it’s going to be
dangerous and we’re putting ourselves
out there and sometimes we’re doing it
without being aware so be very careful
God has been cautioning me and I want to
caution you also be careful about what
you put out on social media make sure
that the Lord has released it to be out
there has released you to give it there
are some things that God is giving to
his prophets giving to his messenger
whatever that are not even to be
released right now or at all some things
are better kept to yourself because
others are not ready to receive it or
they’re skeptical don’t put yourself in
the line of attack so easily the path is
narrow and you’re going to have to
narrow your circle of friends brothers
sisters loved ones or whatever because
he because God is saying this connection
is coming in a lot of places better to
have a few than a whole bunch because
this isn’t why we go on here to get a
lot of likes or dislikes or follow we go
on here to serve God and I just I have
just pushed everything to the side I
don’t even feel like I belong here I
just pushed it all on the side I don’t
listen to what anybody is saying right
now too much I don’t listen to the
people that may be skeptical or they
don’t agree that’s fine
go on with what you’re doing go on with
I’m serving God the best way I know how
and I want to make sure that my mouth my
hands my eyes are in where God wants
them to be and not all over the place
and not elsewhere we’re coming into a
very devastating time much more than
what this is that’s going on now and
it’s very very serious I had a very
heavy heart
today on grieving because
the seriousness I know the Day of Prayer
is here many are not repenting and God
says I am requiring this is not an
I am requiring national repentance and
he is not getting that so let it be what
it is let it go on god knows what is
going to take place and what he’s going
to allow to happen and to do all we can
do is pray pray pray that you where you
are to be where you are to be keep your
focus on him and don’t allow anyone to
take your focus off what God is doing
whether you’re in ministry or not narrow
is the past the gate is narrow that that
means God is expediting and things are
happening so I’m going to get off of
here I I will I am NOT open for comments
right now I’m narrowing the comments
maybe I will put them back on if the
Lord wants but he said narrow narrow all
these things so that is what I’m doing
the website is always under in the
description box under the video you can
contact us at will our contact
information is on there if you want to
contact us but I’m doing what the Lord
has told me and I am at peace now really
I was before but even more so I am at
peace and I’m going to do my best to
stay that way in fact we’re working on
things we’re getting things together I’m
getting things that the Lord told us to
do for the month of May because we’re
not going to have access to it in the
near future so with that all being said
I love you all and we are praying any
prayer requests we are praying god bless
all of you until the next time shalom


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