The battle is on for mans soul – Cherrie Archer

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The battle is on for mans soul

August 23, 2022 9:56 AM
Cherrie Archer

8-23-22 6:14am

There is but one source of food that satisfies the soul, it is My Holy Word.

Eat it daily for spiritual health. When the spirit is fed the body is made whole in truth.

The veil has been lifted. Darkness, held at bay, is now exposed. The most detestable things of the wicked are no longer hidden. Many refuse to believe that a just God would allow such heinous things. I tell you this, this that you live, is the Devil’s playground.

When Lucifer was cast out of the third heaven, he inhabited the second heaven, the atmosphere around earth.

Remember in Job, it is recorded, he came to me asking permission to attack My people and I allowed him to attack Job.

I knew Jobs heart and I knew he would not fall.

All men go through a testing process. My word speaks of this. The tests bring forth pure gold or dross to be discarded.

At this time the testing process becomes more intense as more and more wickedness is exposed.

Many rush to cover their eyes so they can not see. These believe if they didn’t see it, the evil didn’t happen.

The same holds true for those who cover their ears believing silence is bliss, nothing is wrong, yet, denial of the times will not change things.

It is important to read My word and armor up for the battle ahead.

Scriptures are sharper than any two edged sword. Quote them! Arm My angels with flaming swords for battle. Praise Me!

Do Not Hold Off, Do this NOW!

The battle rages, man can now see the prize is near as evil penetrates every aspect of life.

I give you the keys to a successful battle outcome.


Fall to your knees and seek My Face. Turn from the wickedness of this earth. Read My word! Know My word! Praise and worship makes the Devil flee.

Rejoice in Me! No Devil can stand the name of JESUS! Remember these things as the battle grows long and the evil one wears out the saints.

Put on the armor of God. Fully load you weapons. Recharge daily through reading My word.

Turn your back on the lures of Satan. Turn off secular music. Turn on worship music. Turn off Satanic programming. Do not invite the Devil into your home through books, movies, programs, games, cartoons, music, internet, phones, and conversation.

Man can not win a battle against evil while holding hands with the evil one.

Know your enemy. The battle is on for mans soul. His eternal life is at stake.

I come to bring you life and life more abundant.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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