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April 6, 2023 10:43 AM
Kim Chadwell


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You will stand at a moment of decision, what will you do?

Shall you attempt to answer the question already within you?

Shall you attempt to reason with the route already known?

Shall you plan with the law of man as your escape?

The shouts of the crowd, the defilements of man, the rage against truth, shall offer you a basin.

Will you ask the question?

The basin will come to your lap, will you dip your fingers?

The basin will be offered to you, clean and prepared; will you dip your hands?

The basin will be offered to you, prepared as instructed, will you wash your hands?

The ceremony was known. The water pure. The ritual cloth waiting.

Pontius Pilatus! Pontius Pilatus! Pontius Pilatus! Do you know him?

He sat in the honored chair, knowing innocence was before him, but was enticed.

He sat alone with Truth standing before him and brought forth the question: “What is truth?”

Stepping to the large table he opened the scroll of a religion foreign to him. Opening the Law of the Hebrews he found his own freedom: freedom of decision, freedom of the weight of choice. He used an ancient law foreign to his own governorship and chose a law of the Hebrews on a scroll. One time, each year, one guilty is freed. Using their own Law, he chose it as a path to his freedom.

He listened not to the reasoning of his own court.

He listened not to his advisors that reminded him of his own power to dismiss the crowd from a religion unwelcome in his palace.

He listened not to his own conscience.

Standing before the crowd, he stood Truth on one side and one guilty of bloodshed on the other. Pontius Pilatus questioned the crowd, “Who shall go free?” “Who shall go free?” He wanted the crowd to make the decision. Barabbas! Barabbas! The crowd shouted.

A basin was brought. The leaders of the Law of Moses brought ceremonially cleansed water and the ritual towel. Dipping his hands Pilatus paused, knowing he knew nothing of this God – yet wanting nothing on his hands. Assured by the holiest of men, this ritual would free him of responsibility. Leaning into the basin, Pilatus immersed his whole arms, claiming innocence of the bloodshed of Truth. The ceremonial towel was unfolded, and freedom of bloodshed was offered. With the wave of the hand, Barabbas left the portico running as a freed calf. The murderer was embraced by those who could recite the Law of Moses from their minds. They embraced Barabbas!

Pontius Pilatus chose to be curious of the crowd that demanded audience. He dipped his fingers.

Pontius Pilatus chose to be lured by relationship to the popular. He washed his hands.

Pontius Pilatus chose to be lured by the desire to be known by the emperor. He immersed his arms.

What will you do when the crowd calls your name?

What will you do at the moment choice is offered?

What will you do when a basin is offered?

Will you question Truth?

Will you welcome relationship with those in violation of God’s Laws?

Will you use the law of the world to help you escape?

Will you stand, in the moment of decision, and choose what you know inside you to be the path, however difficult, however lonely, whatever the cost – or will you wash your hands?

The basin had the name YWAH inscribed – the holiest of basins of the High Priest – yet was used for the deception of redemption. What will you do when a basin is offered?

You will be offered a way of redemption by one who will quote freedom of guilt before the Holy God.

You will be offered a basin as freedom of accountability of your soul.

You will be told scriptures of the ancient scrolls –

You will be offered reward and titled recognition.

Lucifer masquerades as an angel of light.

If you choose the basin, the crowd will know your name.

Do not replace the Truth that is within you.

Do not let the sounds of a crowd replace the whisper of the Holy Spirit within you.

Do not take what is offered by the world.

Do not take what is offered even if scripture is quoted.

Do not accept the basin.

Do not wash in the basin.


Do not take the basin.

Kim Chadwell


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