The Awakening – Jeffrey Stewart

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The Awakening

February 20, 2023
Jeffrey Stewart

The Father says:

“Many missed the first coming of My Son Jesus because they believed that they knew what it would look like but DID NOT. Many are NOW missing the Awakening that precedes the Second coming of My Son, AGAIN, because they believe that they know what it will look like but DO NOT. They are making the EXACT SAME MISTAKE.

Many think that they have all the time in the world. “I have PLENTY of time,” they tell themselves. “I’ll get back to reading the Bible, to praying, to going to church TOMORROW”. When tomorrow comes, and their saved wife and children, their pastor, and their saved friends can’t be found, the cold chill tells them all they need to know.

YOU are the Awakening. Spend time with Me. SPEAK My WORD into your heart as My Spirit directs so My Face will become visible on YOUR face, so that the LIGHT that fills Heaven will be visible in your life, so that when people look at you they see My Son. THAT is the Awakening that precedes the return of My Son. My Son becoming visible in the lives of My People.”

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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